Is it safe to visit Egypt right now?

by Jan 25, 2022

With so many options, you’ll discover that travelling to Egypt is the best choice you’ll ever make, but there is one question that everyone who wishes to visit Egypt has: “Is it safe to travel to Egypt right now?” Let us now respond to the following question.

You will be able to travel as a solo traveller or in a group with no fear of anything because you will be accompanied by the best guides who will ease everything for you during all of your trips in Egypt. That is not all, as you will be able to engage in all types of tourism in Egypt, including educational tourism. At the same time, visiting Egypt’s best historical attractions and having fun and relaxing while visiting the Red Sea’s coastal beaches will be an unforgettable experience for you. Through our article, you will learn why it is safe to travel to Egypt and what the best safety precautions to take before visiting Egypt are:

  1. Why is it safe to visit Egypt now
  2. Suggestions for a Safe Egypt Holiday
  3. Egypt’s Safest Tourist Attractions
  4. Best Time to Visit Egypt

Egypt has a long history dating back to the time of the Greeks and Romans. Europeans flocked to the country in the nineteenth century, particularly for Nile cruises. Surprisingly, over 50,000 people visited during the seasons of 1897 and 1898. Egypt was well-known for its antiquities and its pleasant, dry climate. Tourism overgrew in the twentieth century as the country’s number of destinations expanded and travel became more convenient. The sector was tested by the Second World War and mid-century events that caused instability and altered relations with other countries, such as the political turmoil of the 1950s, the nationalization of the Suez Canal, and conflicts with Israel.

The Egyptian government is working hard to make Egypt a safe place to live

The Egyptian government is doing everything to combat terrorism through its special procedures to secure Egypt’s tourist destinations in every single part of the Egyptian land. Terrorist attacks occur in every country around the world. Still, Egyptian forces keep an eye out for any potential terrorist attacks to prevent them and keep Egypt a safe country that hospitalises many tourists daily throughout the year.

The Ministry of Tourism wishes to develop additional products and activities to attract more people and provide visitors with compelling reasons to stay longer in Egypt while visiting the mesmerizing destinations there. The government has been looking for investment and collaboration with tourism product developers. Some government projects are aimed at this type of improvement, such as golf, sailing, shopping, and wellness. The Egyptian government’s true hope is to entice everyone, from the most affluent to the most modest, to spend a magical and unforgettable time in the land of the pharaohs.

Egyptian Modern Achievements to Promote Tourism in Egypt

  • The Grand Egyptian Museum

It is a magnificently planned museum of ancient Egyptian artefacts. And it is the world’s most significant archaeological museum. It is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in 2021, and it will house the entire Tutankhamun collection, including many previously unseen pieces. The museum is part of the new master plan, is about 2 kilometres from the Giza pyramids.

The Grand Egyptian Museum: World Holiday Vibes Blog
  • Egypt’s Smart Village (ESV)

It is a high-tech business district located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, west of Cairo, and covers an area of 450 Ffeddans. It is a business district with office buildings, retail shops, entertainment, a great factory, and beautiful green spaces.

Egypt’s Smart Village (ESV): World Holiday Vibes Blog
  • Alexandria Opera House (AKA Sayed Darwish Theater)

It was built in 1918 and opened in 1921 in Alexandria, Egypt. It is also known as the Sayyid Darwish Theatre. After its initial opening, it was renamed Teatro Mohamed Ali.

1. Prepare your passport, which should be valid for at least 6 months, as well as your visa, to travel to Egypt safely.

2. To know how to travel from one Egyptian city to another, you must be familiar with the country’s nine international airports, notably Cairo International Airport, located 15 miles northeast of the town in northern Egypt.

3. Before travelling to Egypt, research the country’s political situation.

4. You must choose the best time of year to visit Egypt based on climatic reports.

5. Look for a reputable travel agency if you want to spend an unforgettable holiday in Egypt.

6. Learn about the Egyptian currency and calculate how much money you’ll need.

7. Be familiar with Egyptian customs and traditions to interact with Egyptians easily.

8. Prepare appropriate clothing for the Egyptian climate.

9. Collect information about the most famous Egyptian meals so that you can try all of Egypt’s delectable dishes while you’re there.

10. Prepare all of your medications and ensure that you have all of your medical remedies with you.

11. You should not skip a visit to Giza Pyramids at Giza Pyramids Complex because most tourists choose it as their first targeted destination to witness the World’s, Greatest Wonder.

12. Try Egypt Nile cruises to see the most beautiful temples, tombs, and monuments in Luxor and Aswan.

13. Prepare to spend a majestic tour of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is scheduled to open in 2022, to see some unique pharaonic landmarks.

14. Try some of the best Egyptian dishes such as Kushari, fool & Tamia, Hawawshi, Mahshi, Kofta, Kebab, and some popular Egyptian desserts such as Golash, Basbosa, Konafa, and a variety of other Egyptian dishes that should not miss.

15. Bring your camera so you can capture memorable images of Egypt’s best tourist destinations.

16. Bring some comfortable clothes for the number of days you plan to stay in Egypt, as well as your sunglasses and hat.

Alexandria Opera House (AKA Sayed Darwish Theater): World Holiday Vibes Blog

Discover the Top Safety Attractions in Egypt

1. Cairo City

Cairo will undoubtedly be your first choice because you will want to see the great Pyramids of Giza as well as the most breathtaking Coptic. Islamic and Historical attractions in Cairo include The Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Salah El-Din Citadel, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, and the marvellous Egyptian Museum.

Cairo City: World Holiday Vibes Blog

2. Luxor City

The city contains more than one-third of the world’s monuments. By visiting Luxor, you’ll discover the true meaning of uniqueness and greatness while touring around the marvellous temples there. Visiting the magical temples of Karnak, Hatshepsut, and Luxor, as well as the magnificent Valley of the Kings and the last remaining parts of Amenhotep III’s complex, known as the “Colossi of Memnon.”

Luxor City: World Holiday Vibes Blog

3. Aswan City

While touring around Aswan, you’ll meet beautiful Nubians who will be eager to assist you in visiting their city and taking in addition to being able to see the spectacular Pharaohnic destinations. Such as Abu Simbel’s top temples, Philae Temple, The Unfinished Obelisk, the High Dam, Kom Ombo, Dandara, Abydos, and Edfu Temples, and many other great places that you’ll never forget.

Aswan City: World Holiday Vibes Blog

4. Alexandria City

Because of its captivating attractions and places to visit while in Egypt, such as The Catacombs of Kom El-Shokafa, Alexandria Library, Qaitbay Citadel, Pompey’s Pillar, and other unique gardens and museums, this city is known as the “bride of the Mediterranean Sea.”

Alexandria City: World Holiday Vibes Blog

5. Red Sea Coastal Sites

Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, and El-Gouna are among Egypt’s most highly recommended coastal sites, where you can relax while enjoying the best coastal beaches and meditating. With Egypt Tours Packages, you’ll have some fantastic opportunities to do some adorable activities like snorkelling, diving, swimming with dolphins, trying some submarines to discover the world beneath, and last. Still, not least, you can go on a truly unforgettable tour.

Red Sea Coastal Sites: World Holiday Vibes Blog

When Should You Visit Egypt?

The ideal time to visit Egypt is in the spring when the weather is pleasant, and the major attractions, such as Giza’s Pyramids, Aswan, and Luxor, are still relatively quiet. You should avoid the months of June and August because they are boiling and will make your tours uncomfortable.

Hotel prices are lower during the high season, which runs from December to February, especially if you travel on either side of the holidays. Choose a period that includes Egyptian celebrations such as Eid El-Fitr and Eid El-Adha, Easter vacation, Christmas holidays, the Abu Simbel Sun Festival, and other magnificent festivals that will provide you with a truly memorable experience.

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