Tiger Safaris, Goa Beaches, and Beautiful Mumbai City

by Feb 14, 2022

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Western and Central India provide a variety of travel experiences, from tiger safaris to desert landscapes, from the laid-back Goa beaches to Mumbai’s mayhem. While you’re there, check out the region’s rock-cut architecture, palaces, and spiritual side.

Aside from its colonial and art deco architecture, vibrant Mumbai, with its frantic markets and never-ending jostling, can be exhausting. That is something we understand. As a result, Vibes Group UK private India tours guide you through this megacity at a leisurely pace. And then, to unwind, spread your wings east or south. Goa, India’s most laid-back corner, is only an hour’s flight south, where warm waters, coconut groves, and delectable seafood are standard fare. Travel east to the national parks of Central India, which are famous for tiger safaris and luxury tented camps. But, in addition to the apex predator, the dense forests and sprawling grasslands are teeming with colourful birds, insects, and a plethora of other animals.

This region is also a history and architecture buff’s dream, with erotic temples in Khajuraho and many grand medieval forts and palaces. Spiritual seekers can include time on a private India tour to explore temples and Hindu pilgrimage sites along the sacred Narmada River.


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