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by May 20, 2022

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Taif in Saudi Arabia

Taif is nicknamed “Rose City” because it has over 800 flower farms and sees over 300 million blossoms each year. Every year in April, roses are gathered for their essential oil, which is subsequently used to clean the sacred Kaaba, the cube-shaped monument in Mecca where Muslims pray. Take a look at the arid Kingdom’s ‘City of Roses’. Saudi Arabia is known for its vast desert scenery, and it is unusual to see the western Saudi Arabian city of Taif becoming pink. When the roses blossom in Taif, the scene changes completely.

The Taif Rose Festival, which has strong roots in Taif tradition, occurs every year between March and April when the roses bloom. Visitors can meander through exquisite rose gardens, enjoy traditional folk dancing performances, and purchase bouquets of the lovely flower. These celebrations are cheerful, but the rich rose aroma that permeates the fresh spring air against the breathtaking mountainous backdrop makes it so beautiful.

What makes Taif so popular?

Taif is known for its beautiful tourist attractions such as museums, parks, flea markets, fruits, roses, aromatic flower farms, and cultural attractions like Souk Okaz.

Let’s see what intriguing activities are there to do in Taif.

Al Rudaf Park

Taif is Arabia’s most popular tourist destination. This Park is located in Taif city, more than an hour’s drive from Makkah. Al-Rudaf Park is a popular tourist destination all year, including during the summer. This family-friendly space in the heart of Taif is made up of green areas and playgrounds. Water fountains and 750 water cannons, a zoo, horses, horse-drawn carriages, a water-display screen, and several children’s play areas are all included in the lake.

Al Rudaf park

Shafa Mountains

Magnificent landscapes and mountainous attractions surround the Shafa Mountains, and exploring them is one of the most well-liked activities in Taif. Ash Shafa, a popular summer destination in Saudi, offers breathtaking landscapes, year-round pleasant weather, and exciting sports such as hiking, horseback riding, and camel riding. Also, take a cable car ride to the summit of Shafa Mountain.

Shafa mountains

Al Wahbah crater

Al Wahbah crater is a volcanic crater on the western side of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau in the Hejazi region. Many volcano cones are found on this plateau, including the Al Wahbah crater, which provides a stunning sight. The tourist centre houses an exhibit that discusses the crater’s structure and composition. You can go to the museum to learn everything there is to know about the crater and its geology. The climate in the area surrounding the Al Wahbah crater is primarily hot. As a result, the best time to visit is during the winter. Because it is still hot at noon, it is best to travel early or late in the evening. Camping at Al Wahbah is a popular tourist pastime because the nights are more relaxed.

Al Wahbah crater

Souq Okaz

The Okaz market is yet another tourist destination and a significant source of tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It still has the majesty of the past and the glitz of the present. This location is a seasonal exhibition space that only opens once a year. If you want to go, check if it’s open, then make a plan. It usually begins during the Taif/Janadriyah season. The Souk Okaz festival is an annual cultural event that includes poetry readings, sports, dance, theatre, and market readings for ten days.

Its purpose is to introduce the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s intellectual and cultural heritage to the rest of the world and highlight the cultural and intellectual history of the Arab and Islamic civilisations that developed in the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, you can participate if you want to know about their culture and tradition.

Souq Okaz

Taif Zoo

The Taif Zoo is in the Sadad district of Taif. The zoo isn’t massive, but it has a variety of extraordinary creatures. Elephants, lions, and zebras are among the animals housed at the zoo. There is also an entertainment area with rides for both children and adults at the zoo. At Taif Zoo, there is also a dolphin display. It is a must-see attraction in Taif for families and children.

Taif zoo

Jouri mall

Jouri Mall, Taif, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Taif. Thanks to its innovative and dynamic design, which incorporates vibrant colours to create a lively atmosphere and provides all of the visitor’s entertainment needs and a unique shopping experience.

The Al-Jouri Mall in Taif has spaces dedicated to children’s games, a large dining hall with many well-known restaurants and cafes, and parking and other amenities that bring comfort and elegance to mall visitors.

There is plenty of free parking available within the five gates. The mall is clean, and there are plenty of stores to see, at least 15-20 different outlets in the food court. There are also some excellent dessert options, which are always a plus!

Jouri mall

Shubra Palace

If you’re seeking a prime location to see in Taif, Shubra Palace, known for its royal splendour, is a must-see. It was designed after one of the finest palaces built in the Shubra neighbourhood at the time. The Palace is known for its urban style, which combines Roman and Islamic influences with traditional architecture. The Palace has an excellent facade. The Shubra Palace’s grandeur is enhanced even more by the latticework windows and balconies. Please check whether it is opened before you head there to avoid disappointments.

Shubra palace

Taif is regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s most affluent cities. Don’t miss out on seeing it for yourself. Best of luck on your travels!


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