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by Jan 11, 2022

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Safari World Bangkok is one of the top things to do if you are a wildlife lover. In a buzzy city Safari world takes you away to a thrilling and exciting world of nature. A visit to Safari world will bring you in depth knowledge of the animal world and a fun filled time. It offers you exciting shows, consists with different activities and unique desserts that you cannot find elsewhere. If you are traveling with children, this is a place that you shouldn’t miss!

The park houses hundreds of animals collected from around the world that is divided in to two categories: Safari Park and Marine Park. All though the two sections belong to one complex their operating hours are slightly different so before you go it’s best to figure out the areas you need to visit in the park, and you will need a whole day to tour around the parks.

Upon entering through the main entrance first you will be welcomed by over 75 mammals and 300 species of birds Asia to Africa. If you are visiting in the early morning hours you will get to feed the animals which is a must do experience. The activity lasts only for 10 minutes in the morning. You will get to observe animals up close. Most of the animals are carnivores and there is a guided bus service to tour around the sections that visitors are not allowed to walk in the park so as not to run out of energy and to protect yourself from being attacked.

The second part of the Safari world is the Marine world where you can learn about the marine life through several animals shows which occur in the afternoon. These shows are ideal for families with children because it features fascinating sea lion, Dolphin, performances.

Apart from the main Safari and Marine worlds the park offers a Jungle River cruise which is a 30-minute boat trip that will cruise through a jungle that features the natural habitats of Africa and Asia. One might wonder if they are in Bangkok or in Africa? Like this they offer another fun Jungle walk where you can walk through a man-made jungle to encounter many kinds of native species. This a is a giant dense jungle, and it is advised to follow the direction signs to not to get lost! Exciting, isn’t it?

What else? Orangutan show, especially the comedy centric boxing show will certainly entertain you. Cowboy stunts show especially if you are a fan of Lucky Luke. The elephant show will keep you at the end of your seat! Spy War, Your Hollywood blockbusters now come to life with a spectacular archive of thrilling performances including canoe racing, gun fights and bombing! Lastly the bird show is a must visit if you are travelling with kids


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