Glamping and Gourmet Dining on a South African Holiday

by Jan 25, 2022

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Unscripted game viewing is the highlight of any South African holiday. At Kruger National Park, a pride of lions lazes in the grass. A thrill runs down your spine as one of them lets out a gut-wrenching roar. Later, from the wooden deck of your luxury safari lodge in a private game reserve on Kruger’s outskirts, you watch a herd of elephants and a lone giraffe.

Are there penguins in Africa? Indeed! There have also been sightings of southern right whales, seals, sharks, and dolphins along the country’s magnificent coastline. It’s impossible to see everything this country has to offer in a single trip, so let a Vibes group bespoke itinerary help you make the best decisions. It’ll undoubtedly be “lekker,” South Africa’s favourite word for pleasure.

The world can boast a more breathtaking setting than Cape Town, and the unmistakable Table Mountain will take your breath away. The Franschhoek Winelands offer wine safaris and gourmet dining only an hour away. Everywhere you go, you can expect great food and braai, the South African word for barbecue.

The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg’s east is a moving reminder of the country’s turbulent recent history. South Africa’s great wilderness lies further south, with rivers, canyons, and the 700-mile-long Drakensberg Mountains. South Africa is one of those places where you will return again and again. It has a diverse landscape and a diverse culture.


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