Roll Back the Years on a Lesotho Tour in the Lap of Nature

by Jan 24, 2022

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A trip through Lesotho isn’t going to be your typical holiday, and as a result, you require a company that is not your specific travel agency. When it comes to planning a trip to this tiny kingdom in the Drakensberg Mountains, the Vibes Group UK is your best bet. Lesotho, which South Africa surrounds, is known as the “Kingdom in the Sky” because the entire country is above 1000 meters in elevation.

When you leave Maseru, you will be transported back in time to the traditional countryside, where farming and sheep rearing are the dominant occupations. Your friendly Basotho guide can explain this little-known country’s history while walking you through Thaba Bosiu, where the former rulers of Lesotho are buried, not far from the capital.

Lesotho (pronounced as-oo-too) has breathtaking mountain scenery. You’ll find unspoiled nature in Tsehlanyane and Sehlabathebe National Parks, as well as at Maletsunyane Falls, with hardly another human insight. Visitors to Malealea can go pony trekking and interact with local Basotho communities. Numerous freshwater pools reflect the red mountains at the foot of the Devil’s Knuckles peaks, making it a photographer’s dream. A few excellent lodges in these areas offer all of the amenities you could want.

Visit the still-inhabited Ha Kome Cave dwellings built under a cliff overhang, about an hour’s drive from Thaba Bosiu near the village of Matka. The caves contain unusual mud huts as well as millennia-old cave paintings. Finish with a visit to see fossilized dinosaur footprints, estimated to be 200 million years old, in the small village of Morija or elsewhere in the country.


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