Ten affordable worldwide travel destinations to consider for 2022

by Jun 27, 2022

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1. Sri Lanka

Is it affordable to visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has always been an affordable destination for all types of visitors. Even on a tight budget, the island nation offers affordable travel experiences such as palm-fringed golden sandy beaches, wildlife adventures, and ancient temples steeped in fascinating history.

Is it worthwhile to visit Sri Lanka in 2022?

It most certainly is! Sri Lanka is one of South Asia’s most beautiful countries. Travelling to Sri Lanka is not only reasonably priced, but the variety of experiences available within a 14-day vacation makes it well worth a visit.

Sri Lanka

2. Cancun in Mexico

A trip to Cancun does not have to be costly. Cancun is a relatively inexpensive place to visit in Mexico if you know what to look for and don’t mind staying in an expensive all-inclusive resort. Cancun’s food is inexpensive, and you can find it on almost every corner! Cancun attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches and stunning hotels, but the destination is more than just a resort stay. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, public beaches, shopping centres, and other attractions when visiting Cancun.


3. India

India is inexpensive due to its affordable lodging, transportation, service, food and low monetary value. However, staying in hostels and eating cheap street food nonstop is not required, and India offers a wide range of options in every category.

Alleppey, known as the Venice of the East, is known for its lush countryside, lagoons, and waterways. It is the best place to lazily cruise around in the universal houseboats, sample the delicious coconut-laced seafood, and enjoy one of India’s cheapest solo trips. Alleppey is one of India’s most beautiful low-budget vacation destinations.


4. Turkey

Travelling to Turkey is significantly less expensive than travelling to neighbouring European countries, but it provides many of the same conveniences and luxuries. Turkey is 60.5 per cent less expensive than Dubai.

The cheapest Turkish cities to live in are Sanliurfa, Kayseri, Mersin, Konya, Iskenderun, and Hatay, which have beautiful natural settings and a low cost of living but are located far from the capital.


5. Istanbul

Unlike other countries, Istanbul offers luxury products at relatively lower prices, even for original products imported from elsewhere, because the consumption index in Istanbul is high. Thus, all deals are done at lower prices than in other countries.

Is food cheap in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city of adventure, which also extends to the culinary world. The reality of Istanbul, known internationally as the city of kebabs and lahmacun, is like a parallel universe filled with a variety of cheap eats; seafood, vegetables, meat, and grains – all at an affordable price.


6. Ecuador

Aside from the Galapagos, Ecuador is very inexpensive. You can travel comfortably on £25-35 per day if you stay in hostel dorms, eat at food stalls, cook some of your meals, limit your drinking, and use local transportation.

Traditional Ecuadorian cuisine is not the healthiest in the world: think of corn-based foods, thick stews, and soups with cheese. It’s tasty, though, and if you’re not on a diet or hiking a lot, you can eat a set meal for a few dollars or buy street food for even less. You can eat very fresh food if you prepare it yourself.


7. Indonesia

Indonesia is generally very inexpensive, particularly in terms of housing and food. On average, it is even less expensive than Laos or Cambodia! However, Indonesia is a country with a lot to offer, and it is the activities that can have an impact on the budget.

Are things cheap in Indonesia?

By Western standards, Indonesia is highly inexpensive to live in or travel. Although prices on Bali and, to a lesser extent, Lombok have risen slightly, these islands remain affordable.


8. Nepal

According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit.

Nepal is a must-see destination if you enjoy adventure tourism, unique cuisine, and learning about different cultures.


9. Egypt

Egypt is less expensive to visit than Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Travelling through Egypt costs about the same as travelling through Southeast Asia, and you can see and do much in Egypt without breaking the bank.


10. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s most affordable vacation destinations. Most of the country’s attractions, such as museums and historical sites, are inexpensive so you can do a lot on a tight budget.

Why is Bulgaria so inexpensive for vacations?

One of the main reasons Bulgaria is a budget-friendly destination is that the Bulgarian lev is currently worth less than the American dollar, the British pound, or other European currencies.


I strongly recommend you travel as far and as widely as possible – if you’re twenty-plus, physically fit, and hungry to learn and improve. Sleep on the floors if necessary. Learn how other people live, eat, and cook, and learn from them everywhere you go. To travel well, you do not have to be rich.


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