The Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka

The Best Hiking and Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a one-of-a-kind hiking destination. Trails for all skill levels are available, ranging from easy to difficult walks to strenuous treks. The country also has over 400 waterfalls, many of which are accessible via hikes. Have you laced your walking boots, packed your camera, and slathered on some sunscreen? Trails in Sri Lanka with the best hiking and trekking are listed below. It’s not just hiking in Sri Lanka – join us for an entire day trip to see the best of the country’s iconic ancient temples and vibrant wildlife.


The mist-laden viewpoints are surreal and picturesque, the misty mountain that changes colours from different angles. After a 40 minutes simple trek through Loolecandera estate to Kondagala Mountain, that’s the reward you get to enjoy. Kondagala is one of the unique mountain peaks that are yet to be discovered by international travellers. Loolkandura locates in the Kandy district. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Sri Lanka, if not in the world. This trek is ideal for a retreat from the usual sightseeing and busy hustle from Kandy. The estate was founded in 1866 by Mr James Taylor, a Scotsman and is the pioneer in Ceylon tea. James Taylor seat is monumentally significant as well as a picturesque estate. On the trek, you’ll come across the unique “Padipeli” waterfall enjoy a dip in the cold fresh, natural pool. This trek is a perfect way to capture Kandy’s natural beauty when the sun rises or when it sets. Not many had the chance to experience this natural hidden beautiful site. We assure you that if you search for a good vibe, a unique experience to share with your folks back home, Loolecandera is the place.



Eagle rock trail is everything you hope to experience when you want to find unique locations to visit that not much has seen, a good vibe a great experience to share during your stay in Ella. Nestled among the lush green mountains that border the Ravana Falls’ Crest, Eagle rock offers you idyllic views; you will not complete your visit to Ella if you haven’t captured the sunrise from the mountain peak. The picturesque trail falls along the tea plantations and ends at the breathtaking view at the summit. On your way, you could also stop at ‘Amba estate’ for a tea tour at the factory. It doesn’t end there; let’s continue the unforgettable excursions to the Ravana natural pool for a refreshing dip, located on top of the Ravana falls, to complete the expedition with a good vibe.



Mandaram Nuwara is a tiny village that sits at the foot of the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka, Pidurutalagala, located within the island’s Central Province. It is also commonly known as the “Misty City” because It is surrounded by mountain ranges and almost entirely obscured by mist for most of the day. Kolapathana Ella, a beautiful waterfall, is only a short and easy hike away famous waterfall amongst visitors to the little village. Nuwara Eliya is renowned for its Victorian-era architecture and Breezy weather, and a lot of travellers miss the chance of experiencing the authentic greenery that Nuwara Eliya has. This is your chance the capture Nuwara Eliya from the up top. It is not the city you visit that matters; it’s the experience you get.



Peacock Hill Mountain (1513 meters above sea level) is the highest point in Pussellawa, Sri Lanka, rising only 200 meters above the city. Mountain is one of Pussellawa’s most panoramic vantage points, offering an extraordinary view of the surrounding mountains and cities. You can soak in the beauty of Gampola, Pussellawa, Ambuluwawa, Dolosbage mountain range, Nawalapitiya, Nuwara-Eliya, Pidurutalagala range, Kotmale reservoir, and Bible rock. A visitor would have a great time walking up the hill in the idyllic Pussellawa setting. This is the ideal trek for those with a sense of adventure. The views from the peak are unforgettable, and you will be among the few visitors who will be able to see the true beauty of the Central Province from a single vantage point.

An Exclusive Sneak Peek holiday to New York

An Exclusive Sneak Peek holiday to New York

Nothing beats the energy of New York City, the city that famously never sleeps. You can expect a jam-packed holiday in New York, whether you’re there for the art and culture or the bar and restaurant scene. From dawn to dusk, yellow cabs zip between the city’s skyline, and boats ply the harbour beneath the watchful look of the Statue of Liberty. During the day, there are numerous museums, galleries, and shops to visit, and at night, the city vibe to the beat of cocktail shakers and live music. Great New York vacations may be a blur, but they are unforgettable. Plan your holiday around New York’s seasonal events to make it even more memorable. Winter brings magical Christmas lights and the Rockerfeller Center’s gleaming tree, and if you arrive a little earlier, you may catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Festivals and rooftop film screenings are popular during the summer.

The Evolution of New York City Called the Big Apple

You’ll never guess where this nickname originated. In the 1920s, sports journalist John J. Fitz Gerald wrote an article for the New York Morning Telegraph about horse races and racetracks in and around New York. He referred to the large prizes on offer as “the big apple,” representing the biggest and best that one can achieve. The term began to gain traction. Then came the jazz musicians of the 1930s, who referred to New York as “the big apple” in their songs. A showbiz adage at the time went, “There are so many apples on a tree, but only one big apple — New York.”

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Mood-Boosting Benefits of Best Time to Visit New York

There is numerous lifetime fun to visit this beautiful New York city in each season. The months to visit New York are April to June and September to early November, when the mild weather and smaller crowds. Warm, beautiful spring weather with a sprinkling of rain beckons New Yorkers to Central Park for outdoor brunches and picnics. In July and August’s almost guaranteed summer months, tourists are greeted by high temperatures and humidity. This is, however, an excellent time for a variety of family activities such as outdoor music concerts, open-air movie nights, and waterfront workouts. In November, over 3 million people gather to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which marks the official start of the Christmas season. Great deals will warm your heart during the cold months of January and February.

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Master the Art Of New York Highlights

With many iconic attractions, it’s no surprise that New York is one of the world’s most popular city break destinations.

  • This bustling metropolis has something for everyone with iconic landmarks, incredible museums and galleries, sensational shopping, sporting, and entertainment options.


  • Visitors can visit Liberty Island by ferry, but if you want to go inside the statue and see the view from the crown, you must book a ticket ahead of time.
  • The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States as a gift of friendship by the French people, the regarded symbol of freedom and democracy.
  • During your visit to New York is the Empire State Building. This skyscraper, which stands 1,454 feet above Manhattan, is open daily and observatories on the 86th and 102nd floors from which visitors can enjoy spectacular views of New York.
  • Times Square is worth seeing for its bright lights and buzz, as well as its excellent dining and entertainment options.
  • Central Park is away from the hustle and bustle of city life while visiting New York. This green oasis stretches from 59th to 110th Streets, is ideal for relaxing and unwinding between urban adventures.
  • The 9/11 Memorial and Museum tells about the terrorist attacks and serves as a moving memorial perished. The attraction, located at the World Trade Center, is one of the top tourist attractions in the United States.
  • Visitors to the city may want to see a basketball or ice hockey game at Madison Square Garden, the New York Knicks’ home court NBA team and the New York Rangers NHL team, or watch the New York Yankees play at Yankee Stadium.
  • Prefer shopping, 5th Avenue is the place to go, with high-end stores such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, and Tiffany & Co, to name a few. New York America’s largest department store, Macy’s Herald Square, is located on West 34th Street.

A Spectacular Look Behind the Scenes at New York Attractions

  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Although the number one spot on this list may come as no surprise, both of these attractions are unquestionably must-sees in New York. The Statue of Liberty represents New York and the United States of America. And Ellis Island also symbolises our country; after all, nearly half of all Americans can trace their ancestors back to this single island.

There are several ways to see the statue from the harbour, but I recommend going to Liberty Island to get a closer look. The Statue of Liberty Museum is open to the public, and you can climb the pedestal for spectacular views. Then it’s a short ferry ride to Ellis Island to visit the immigration museum and learn more about America’s gateway.

  • Top of The Rock at The Rockefeller Centre

Top of the Rock, with its perfect view of the Empire State Building and breathtaking panoramas stretching miles in all directions, has the best idea in NYC, whether you’re visiting day or night. The Art Deco Comcast Building, located 850 feet above the ground, provides picture-perfect views of the perfect NYC skyline.

  • Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a sign of America and one of the modern world’s Seven Wonders. The views from the top can stretch up to 80 miles, taking in Central Park, Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.
The views from the 86th-floor observation decks, which are located in Midtown Manhattan, are spectacular. This, like the Top of the Rock, is part of the NYC pass.

  • Times Square

There is no way you can miss out on this must-see New York attraction. Times Square is always bustling with activity and is crowded at all hours of the day. Being in action and watching thousands of people and cars pass by is an unforgettable experience.

The best of Times Square, on the other hand, is at night. That’s when the LED screens illuminate the entire square as if it were daylight! The picturesque pedestrian zone where you can sit and relax, as well as several rooftop bars right around the corner with spectacular views!

  • Greenwich Village & Sex & The City

Since the beginning, Sex & The City and I have enjoyed strolling through Greenwich and reminiscing about what Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte were up to. It’s a leafy neighbourhood with cute boutiques, stepped townhouses, delicious bakeries, and cutesy shops in general. In the nineteenth century, it was known for its artist and bohemian hangouts.

  • Broadway

Over 40 Broadway theatres in Theater District, New York City has some of the world’s best live theatres. Seeing a Broadway show transports you out of your seat and into a new reality, whether it’s a new musical, the latest smash-hit, or a long-running classic. That is the Broadway magic!

  • Brooklyn Bridge

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is an enjoyable adventure that is the perfect reason to visit Brooklyn in New York City. The views are breathtaking, is to behold on its beauty.
Start on the Brooklyn side and walk towards Manhattan if you want the best views. It keeps the sight in front of you and reduces crowds at the start. This allows you to take in more of the scenery while relaxing.

  • Central Park

One of the most recognisable parks in the world! I enjoy spending Sunday mornings strolling around the park, which has so much to offer, including the carousel, Belvedere Castle, the reservoir, the Zoo, Bethesda Fountain, Minton Tile ceiling, Bow Bridge, and Strawberry Fields.

  • Little Italy and Chinatown

Many beautiful aspects of New York is its diversity, which you will see when you visit Little Italy and Chinatown. What’s the best part? These two very different neighbourhoods are right next to each other. That’s the unbelievable beauty of living in New York City: you can visit two equally fascinating but completely different areas within a few blocks of one another.

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Things to do in New York City Makes You a Better City Lover

  • Take the Staten Island ferry

Riding the Staten Island Ferry City’s most incredible free things to do. This ferry runs seven days a week between Whitehall Street and St. George on Staten Island along Upper New York Bay. Every year, it serves over 22 million passengers. The ferry’s views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan are breathtaking.

  • Walk the High Line

The High Line is a 2 km (1.2 miles) elevated park designed by Piet Oudolf, a Dutch landscape architect. The view of the beautiful Hudson River from the top is the highlight – and it’s free to visit! If you want a guided tour, this is a good one; if you prefer private time, this is a good one.

  • Visit the Vessel

One of the famous attractions without a doubt the best things to do in New York. The Vessel is in Hudson Yard, which is very close to the High Line.

  • Admire some real iconic art at MoMa

MoMa – the Museum of Modern Art – is a great place to spend an afternoon. It is home to some genuinely iconic works of modern art, such as Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Warhol Campbell’s Soup and works by Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso, Dali, and Pollock.

  • Walk around SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown

SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown are three of New York’s coolest neighbourhoods, all located next. You can undoubtedly explore on your own, walking around the fabulous shops and eating at one of the many restaurants.

  • Shopping!

New York is truly a shopping paradise. Whether you choose to stroll down Madison Avenue or visit the quirkier boutiques of Soho or the Village, you will be in for a shopping extravaganza. All you need to do is bring your credit card because – don’t say I didn’t warn you – New York is not cheap!

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The best ranked Seven famous New York City filming locations you must visit

Many favourite Hollywood films and US television series have been filmed in New York City landmarks. If you’re a movie buff, why not plan an out-of-the-ordinary trip to New York to see those locations?

  • The Flatiron Building: Spider-Man

The classic Flatiron Building, a famous landmark in New York City completed in 1902, was used in Spider-Man. Daniel Burnham, a Chicago architect, designed it. The building’s tip is only about 2m wide, but it stands 87m tall and has 22 floors.

  • The Greenwich Village: Friends

Although the TV show “Friends” was shot in an indoor setting in Los Angeles, the story took place in a New York apartment. This Greenwich Village apartment on the corner of Bedford and Grove Streets has a lot of fans. Today, Greenwich Village is only a 10-minute walk from bustling Downtown Manhattan, but it appears to be in another world. The quiet street, red-brick apartment with a fire escape, and secluded courtyard make it possible to take a beautiful photograph at any time.

  • The Grand Central Terminal: Gossip Girl

The Grand Central Station is New York largest and busiest railway station and the most active in the United States. It appears to be a public art gallery. Even if you don’t take the train, it’s worth a visit. It also served as the backdrop for Serena’s first appearance on Gossip Girl. The hall’s vaulted ceiling features a fresco of a starry sky is the most appealing feature of the station. It was created by Herou, a French artist, and includes the 12 signs of the zodiac of 2500 stars. The light will be on for every half hour.

  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts: Black Swan

The setting for Black Swan is Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center in New York’s most recognisable performing arts centre and the world’s largest arts venue. Natalie Portman was practising and performing at Lincoln Center in the story.
At Lincoln Center, the “highest hall of performance” in the heart of the artists, the fountains surround are all located in New York City.
A one-hour group tour of Lincoln Center is available to admire the architecture or go behind the scenes, beginning at Avery Fisher Hall.

  • Manhattan’s Wall Street Downtown: The Wolf of Wall Street

Manhattan’s Wall Street Downtown is a world-renowned financial district. Many financial institutions with clout in the United States or even the world congregate here, including the Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, and others. Every day, people experience the events of The Wolf of Wall Street. Most visitors come to see the Bronze Ox. Because there are too many tourists every day, this Bronze Ox has been relocated to Bowling Green Park near Wall Street. People who touch the Charging Bull are said to be lucky.

  • New York Public Library: Sex and the City

The New York Public Library is the most extensive public library system in the United States. The public library has collected over 16.47 million books. It is known as the world’s most famous library due to its manuscripts of favourite books such as Gutenberg’s Bible and Newton’s excellent book The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Furthermore, the library’s century-old structure is appealing. If you’ve seen Sex and the City, you’ll know that this is where Carrie would get married.

  • The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building in New York City’s most famous skyscraper. Many films have been filmed here, including The Secret Life of Pets, Sleepless in Seattle, Kong Kim, and Gossip Girl, making it the most prominent filming location in New York.
Taking the elevator to the 86th-floor viewing platform, which is usually crowded. Continue to the 102nd floor, where you will find comfortable seating. You can see Wall Street, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty through the fence from various angles. The entire city of New York, as well as the spectacular towering buildings, can be seen.

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The Best New York Neighborhoods Ever!

  • Chelsea – Nightlife, Restaurants, Chic hotels

Chelsea is well-known as an artist’s haven. The world’s most famous people have lived in Chelsea because of the high ceilings and large freight elevators in the old buildings, which they could use to make and transport their work. Chelsea now has over 300 art galleries. Chelsea has a great neighbourhood because of the restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural activities nearby, including the Chelsea Market. The High Line Park, a raised greenery site made from an abandoned railroad track, is Chelsea. Both New York’s, the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden are easily accessible by foot.

  • Upper East Side – Luxury, Museums, Central Park

The architecture of this affluent Manhattan neighbourhood is characterised by French Renaissance-style townhouses, luxury condominiums, and the homes of international tycoons. Some of these lovely apartment buildings and brownstones dating back to the nineteenth century. Most expensive neighbourhoods globally, and it also has some of the best schools. The beautiful tree-lined streets demonstrate why this neighbourhood has gained fame and popularity over the years. Museum Mile, located north of Grand Army Plaza at the southeast corner of Central Park, is home to New York’s most famous museums, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

  • Midtown – Sightseeing

Midtown is what most people think of when they think of Manhattan. From the Empire State Building to Times Square, this is where you’ll find the city’s most iconic landmarks. It can get quite crowded, but this is part of many people’s authentic New York City experience.

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Shopping, Coffee shops, Restaurants

Over the last 20 years, Williamsburg has had an incredible story to tell. New York has always been considered the “centre of the Universe,” but make no mistake: it was a dangerous city until the late 1990s. Brooklyn was primarily a residential community for New York City, but the crime was still prevalent. Williamsburg, a neighbourhood on Brooklyn’s west side linked to Manhattan by the Williamsburg Bridge and the train L, was the first of many cities to experience rapid revitalisation.

  • Staten Island – Parks, Skyline view

Staten Island is one of the best places to stay in New York City for people who want to visit scenic locations with a view of the NYC skyline at a reasonable price. There are excellent shopping malls and restaurants in the area. The Staten Island neighbourhood has parked on every corner and is the best place to stay in New York for a relaxing holiday.

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Omg! The Best Festivals and Events In New York

Throughout the year, New York holidays feature iconic parades, street festivals, and musical events. St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving Day are the two most important holidays, with the New York Caribbean Carnival attracting over two million visitors each year.

  • Chinese New Year

On the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year celebrations and parades take place in January or February. The traditional route winds through Chinatown, past Mott, Canal, and Bayard Streets, and includes massive dragons, mythical creatures, lion and unicorn dances, elaborate floats, acrobats, street performers, and more. Evening cultural performances conclude with firecrackers and a fireworks display.

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade

Every March, one of the world’s most famous parades honours St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It runs from 44th Street to 5th Avenue and then 86th Street. Over 150,000 traditional Irish-American bands, organisations, and clubs march green to pay homage to the old country. Two million people watch the festivities in Irish pubs throughout the city.

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The spectacular Thanksgiving Day Parade, which begins at 77th Street and winds its way past Central Park to the flagship Macy’s in Herald Square, ushers in November in New York. To get the best views of the hot air balloon floats, visitors should book their hotels well in advance.

  • Times Square New Years Eve

The iconic Times Square Ball Drop is the best place on Earth to ring in the New Year. Since 1907, at least one million people have flocked to see celebrities and guest performers, while another billion watch television.

  • Village Halloween Parade

The centrepiece of this Halloween Parade, which takes place on October 31, are giant puppets. It’s a fantastic funfest of costumes, families, and children starting on 6th Avenue and heading north to 23rd Street.

Where you go in life doesn’t matter. It makes no difference where you’re going as long as you are in New York! As I previously stated, there is no place like New York, the world’s most fantastic city, filled with vibrant energy and bustling, busy streets. Visiting New York at least once in your life is well worth the effort!

The Most Boring Article about Dubai You’ll Ever Read

The Most Boring Article about Dubai You’ll Ever Read

Dubai is the most populated and largest city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. Dubai is a popular travel destination in the Middle East. It’s famous for its skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, and excellent luxurious hotels to spend your holidays. But not to forget cheap flights to Dubai! Dubai is a great tourist destination all year round to stay in luxury hotels, shop for cheap designer clothes, eat out in the top restaurants, visit local attractions, play golf, go clubbing, or even get married! Dubai is always buzzing with people. It’s already a big city.


Best Time to Travel to Dubai?

The weather in Dubai is scorching! I’m sure you’re thinking, “Duh.” Temperatures are colder during the “winter months,” which correspond to ours, with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. However, temperatures can reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months of June to August! From November to March. This is tourist season in Dubai, based on these temps, so expect it to be busier and costs a little more if you visit around this time in Dubai.

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A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Dubai

Dubai is a well-known tourist attraction. Several attractions, activities, excursions or tours, dinner cruises, and the most excellent spots to swim in Dubai. Dubai has the most exceptional beaches in the world at all times of the year, including the winter. You can also take in Dubai’s skyscrapers, modern architecture built on the former desert, delectable eating bites, thrilling theme park attractions, or traditional Emirati experiences such as spice or gold markets. Dubai is one of the world’s prosperous cities. Some of Dubai’s unique attractions cost money, but others are entirely free!

Let’s explore the best areas to visit in Dubai:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a gigantic architectural work that purposely integrates diverse Islamic architectural schools. It has 82 domes, over 1,000 columns, 24-carat gold gilt chandeliers, and the largest hand-knotted carpet in the world. One of the world’s most enormous chandeliers hang in the main prayer hall and is one of the best attraction to see in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is Arabic for “Khalifa Tower.” The name was changed to Burj Khalifa when the tower formally opened. The name Khalifa is derived from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Maktoum, the president of Adu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. The Burj Khalifa and other construction projects in Dubai were once verges of being halted due to the attack of the Financial Crisis. And it was neighbour Adu Dhabi who provided funds to Dubai during this challenging time; additionally, the word Khalif.

The Ski Dubai

You may go sledging, tobogganing, or climb towers in the 4,500-meter-square Snow Park. There’s a lovely indoor ice cave to visit, also a variety of activities for both kids and adults. A penguin encounter at Ski Dubai will linger in the minds of both youngsters and adults for a long time.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai Mall

The world’s largest Dubai retail mall, with over 1300 shops, outlets, and restaurants overlooking the fountains, is located adjacent to the Dubai Fountains. Another free attraction inside Dubai Mall, a shopper’s paradise, is the world’s most giant suspended aquarium tank and underwater ZOO with thousands of aquatic animals, as well as a big Olympic ice skating rink, Movie Theater, Virtual Reality Theme Park, and Kidzania for children. Kid Zania is a 7000 m2 real-life educational city explicitly designed for children, featuring 60+ real-life activities. Even if you have no aim of purchasing anything, it is a “must” because of the countless entertainment options.

Dubai Aquarium and underwater ZOO

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, located in the heart of Dubai Mall, houses the world’s most giant suspended aquarium tank. It also holds 10 million litres of water and is the world’s most extensive 270-degree panorama panel, measuring 8.3 metres in height, 32, 8 metres in width, and 48 metres in length. You may see sharks, stingrays, and over 140 different fish species. The Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean habitats are home to a captivating aquatic world and unusual species. Fish, piranhas, gigantic crabs, and starfish may all be seen swimming overhead. Other activities include wandering in a cage among sharks, shark dives, and feeding demonstrations.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

The Wild Wadi Water Park’s developers have created a 12-acre water wonderland with an incredible selection of top-of-the-line attractions, pools, and facilities. Many of the rides and slides are connected by pools and water roller coasters that propel riders to other parts of the park, allowing you to bypass steps and long lines! The park truly has something for everyone, with everything from adrenaline-pumping slides for thrill-seekers to toddler-friendly splash pools.

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Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hates Nights in Dubai

Dubai is famed for its bustling and exotic nightlife and architectural magnificence, retail extravaganzas, and many world records. Dubai’s nightlife; provides the proper setting to host a safe but crazy experience. The emirate features some of the world’s most famous club nights. Many skilled DJs call it home, and it also accommodates some of the most well-known DJs from around the world every month. Because Friday and Saturday are considered weekends in the Gulf region, the nightlife scene here begins on Thursday. On Friday, though, be prepared for long waits. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, most clubs have exclusive Ladies’ Nights.

Here are a handful of the top tourist attractions to visit in Dubai to go out and enjoy the nightlife:

Dubai Marina– A Memorable Walk in Dubai

Marina is located next to an artificial canal and features a variety of restaurants, cafes, stores, and even a yacht ride! It’s perfect for couples who wish to go for a long romantic walk and then unwind at one of the canal eateries, which provide breathtaking views of the channel and the skyscrapers on Marina’s opposite side. It also has walking and cycling lanes, making it great for those looking to get some exercise while taking in the gorgeous scenery.

Madinat Jumeirah– The Well-Dressed Souk

This cluster of buildings is not just a world-class resort, but it is also a very happening area where people dress to impress. On weekends, this place is bustling, so expect some difficulty obtaining a parking spot. Walking through the streets created within the complex gives the impression of being in a traditional market, which is why it is appropriately named ‘Madinat Souk.’ Once you’ve exited the complex, take a stroll along the artificial canal for a unique perspective on Dubai’s nightlife. There are plenty of high-end restaurants and cafes, as well as spectacular views of the Burj-Al-Arab and the opportunity to sail down the canal, giving you the impression that you’re in Europe, but it’s a little more appealing to the eye.

Boudoir – The French Connection

One of the city’s most prestigious nightclubs, assuring a good time! Boudoir is modelled after a Parisian nightclub from the early 1920s. However, it is primarily visited by Lebanese. This club attracts the most party-hardy individuals.

Catwalk – A Miniature Wonderland

The bright red catwalk, as its name suggests, rules the dance floor. Catwalk has some of the best rock music in town, creative cocktails, friendly people, and reasonable prices. What else could you possibly require to enjoy the finest of Dubai’s nightlife?

At.mosphere – Is It Excessive & Overwhelming

According to Guinness World Records, being placed in the world’s tallest structure, the ‘Burj Khalifa,’ has its advantages since At.mosphere is currently the world’s highest-situated restaurant. The restaurant here delivers a delectable dinner with a view and provides entertainment in the lounge. Come for the exquisite décor, world-class cuisine, moderate rates (given the beautiful scenery), friendly staff, and high tea sunsets.

Stereo Arcade – Lights, music, and a good time

Stereo Arcade is a new nightclub that has gained a lot of traction among the youth. The stereo arcade is a must-see, even if it becomes bustling and congested on weekends. At DoubleTree JBR, it’s a casual nightlife hotspot and hangout spot. It has a unique vibe, with neon lights, paintings, and doodles strewed. After a long day, listen to great hip-hop and old-school tunes while sipping fabulous mocktails delivered by the polite and helpful crew. What more could you possibly want?

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The Best Type of Dubai Food for Every Zodiac Sign

While beef, fish, and rice are Dubai’s national dishes, the country’s traditional cuisines are Al Machboos and Khuzi. For many years, local Emirati cuisine has been underrepresented on Dubai’s gastronomic map. However, this is beginning to change as an increasing number of imaginative new Emirati eateries bloom across the city. We’ve uncovered some of the best local delicacies and drinks to taste during your stay in this Middle Eastern gourmet wonderland, from exquisite bread and pastries to Arabic coffee and camel burgers.


Cafés create fresh batches every day and serve them with a sticky date sauce and sesame seeds on top. These heated dumplings have a doughnut-like flavour and texture. Mid-morning at Local Bites Café in Jumeirah is an excellent time to taste them with a cup of steaming coffee.


This pastry dish, which originated in Palestine, has become a local favourite in the UAE. It’s created with sour cheese, crisp sugar syrup, and dough, and it’s best served right away. Qwaider Al Nabulsi in Deira is one of the most popular venues to try. During Ramadan, demand for this dessert can reach thousands daily as people ask for it for Iftar is the meal that Muslims eat at sunset to break their fast.


Emiratis have always avoided eating camel meat, but modern chefs in the city are increasingly experimenting with everything from camel sliders to camel biryani, burgers, and stews. Camel milk, which is somewhat saltier than cow’s milk, has more protein, lower cholesterol, and higher vitamin C and iron levels than cow’s milk. Don’t want to drink the whole glass? Instead, try camel milk ice cream. Pistachio, chocolate, and date are among the flavours available in Arab cafés throughout the city.

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Shh! Don’t Share This Dubai Festivals Insider Secret

In Dubai, where practically everything is celebrated, a few of the most unique and intriguing events occur. Various competitions are included in Dubai’s must-see festivals. Thousands of people attend these gatherings from all over the world, not just the Middle East.

Here are just a few festivals that you should check out:

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Festival of shopping is one of Dubai’s most thrilling events! But, on the other hand, this demonstrates Dubai’s luxury. The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual shopping festival that began in 1996 and has been held primarily in the first quarter of the year (mainly from January first week to February first week). Every store in every mall will be offering incredible deals throughout the Festival. DSF allows anyone and everyone to go out and shop, regardless of how high-end the brand is. But shopping isn’t the only thing to look forward to. Everyone becomes a part of the DSF as other festivals, and events take place throughout the city. There are numerous food-related events planned, concerts, game shows, parades, ramp walks, and other activities in every mall and firecrackers going off every night at Creek Park for the duration of the Festival. There can’t possibly be a holiday that is more grandly celebrated than this!

Art Dubai

His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, established Art Dubai in 2007. Art Dubai, which takes place in March and comprises both young and established artists, is widely considered one of the most globally diversified art events. It attracts about 28,000 visitors from all over the world, including art collectors, curators, patrons, museums, and other organizations, and is almost usually held in March. Contemporary, Modern, and Residents are the three divisions of the gallery. It also hosts The Global Art Forum, the essential art conference in the Gulf.

Dubai International Film Festival

One of the largest film festivals in Dubai and the Middle East is the Dubai International Film Festival. It began in 2004 and had been honouring films every year in December since then. It draws films from throughout the Arab globe. The Festival started with several Oscar-nominated films. It takes place in three to four luxurious settings throughout the city and attracts many interns, volunteers, fans, cinephiles, and celebrities. Conferences, Q&A sessions, lectures, and special appearances are also held there.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

The Dubai Jazz Festival is an annual jazz event held in Dubai. The first Dubai International took place in January 2003 at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, where several well-known jazz performers performed over three days. Approximately the years, the Festival has grown to attract over 500,000 people from all over the world. At the TimeOut Nightlife Awards in 2010 and 2018, the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival was named best Music Festival. The Festival, throughout Dubai, offers award-winning performers, legendary musicians, and critically recognized Jazz and Contemporary Music groups and spans more than 50 years of musical history.

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(shopping festival)

So Dubai appears to be in another world. It is well worth your time to visit Dubai at least once in your life! A city on the leading edge of technological innovation while nevertheless adhering to centuries-old customs.

Everything You Need to Know About Singapore

Everything You Need to Know About Singapore

Singapore is a small island surrounded by Malaysian and Indonesian territory and is located near the tip of Malaysia. Singapore, a relatively new country created in 1965, has little political history but a long history as an inhabited region of the world initially colonised by Hindu empires in the 14th century. One of these empires named Singapore for a lion sighting in the area, which means lion city in Sankrit. The Hindu Prince believed this because there had never been any lions in Singapore. However, for such a small country, with only 6 million people living on an island. There are some well-known elements and places that people immediately recognise and associate with Singapore.

How to Achieve your Best Time to Visit Singapore Goals

Although Singapore is a year-round destination, the months of December to June are ideal for visiting. The dry season in Singapore runs from February to April, when the country experiences the least rain. Singapore’s weather is pretty constant and pleasant enough for tourists to visit all year.

A Deep Dive into Singapore Best Attractions

The tiny city-state of Singapore has been labelled a “playground for the rich,” and it certainly exudes richness. Singapore, however, has more to offer than high-end shopping malls, five-star hotels, and fine dining. This futuristic city also has a rich history and a broad ethnic section to explore and various family-friendly activities and beautiful public spaces.

Let’s explore the ideas on things to see and do in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands

The opulent Marina Bay Sands resort complex features the Art Science Museum, the Skypark Observation Deck–a vantage point to view the entire city. The ingenious double helix bridge, the port, the Gardens by the Bay (101 hectares of land transformed into waterfront gardens), and the spectacular skyline can all be seen from the Skypark. Also, the Skypark’s viewing deck and infinity pool are located on the hotel’s ship (yes, ship). And the infinity pool is only available to hotel guests, but anyone can visit the observation deck.

Gardens by the Bay

You can’t stay away after you’ve seen this beautifully constructed green space. Wander through the Bay East Garden, ideal for taking in the colourful plant life and getting away from the city’s hustle for a while. Supertree Grove, where you’ll find a cluster of the famous, futuristic structures built to fulfil environmentally friendly functions. Also, visit the Cloud Forest Dome to experience the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and learn about biodiversity.

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens, not to be mistaken with the Gardens on the Bay, are also worth a visit. Singapore’s botanical gardens were nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status and with good reason. The city feels like a concrete jungle at times, albeit a tidy and comfortable one, but the botanic gardens help to retain Singapore’s wilder heritage. A walking trail leads to the gardens’ history trees, which are protected as part of the city’s attempt to preserve mature tree species. Visiting the eco-garden, eco-lake, bonsai garden, sculptures, and various more formal gardens are popular activities.

Orchard Road

One could be excused for visiting Singapore only for the sake of shopping, as the city is known for its elegance and designer chic. Orchard Road is an excellent site to start a shopping binge because high-end boutiques are around every corner. Would expect nothing less in a neighbourhood with 22 malls and six department stores. There are also four movie theatres: an IMAX theatre and a KTV karaoke venue. If you feel hungry while spending all that money, many restaurants in the area provide international cuisine.

Singapore Flyer

If the Marina Bay Sands viewing deck isn’t enough for you, you can also enjoy high tea while admiring the city from the Singapore Flyer, the world’s most giant observation wheel. Choose from packages that will allow you to be served and pampered while appreciating a view that includes the Singapore skyline, the Spice Islands of Indonesia, and the Johor Straits in Malaysia. The multimedia Journey of Dreams exhibit, which highlights Singapore’s history and the creation of the Singapore Flyer, is included in a variety of ticket packages. Flights are 30 minutes long and operate from early morning to late at night, giving you the flexibility to travel whenever you want.

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The Singapore Neighborhoods Podcasts

Because Singapore is a cultural melting pot, you can always expect something different in each neighbourhood. This neighbourhood guide contains a fantastic mix of contemporary hotspots and quaint heartlands, whether you’re looking for a new apartment or intending to start a new life in our bustling city. As we offer you the island’s coolest neighbourhoods, read on to find out where to live in Singapore.


Orchard is the place to be if you want to be right in the middle of things. The shopping strip has a plethora of malls, cinemas, restaurants, and bars. Plus, three MRT stations in the area: Orchard, Somerset, and Dhoby Gaunt, put you just minutes from the CBD. While it may appear all concrete and with no greenery, surrounding attractions such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Emerald Hill provide a welcome break from the retail madness.

Upper Bukit Timah

Singapore is a lot of things, but one of them isn’t having a lot of room. With that said, Upper Bukit Timah is one of the few landed estate areas in Singapore. Semi-detached residences and multi-storey bungalows with a private pool, balcony, vast backyard, and, if you’re lucky, rooftop views of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are available. Not only that, but commuting to work is a snap owing to the Downtown Line.

Robertson Quay

Residents here have easy access to Clarke Quay, one of the quieter quays. You’re also close to the city’s bustling CBD, but you still get to enjoy Robertson Quay’s tranquillity. If you ask us, it’s the best of both worlds. People come for the great condos, but they remain for the lively eating scene. The vibrant local food culture is immediately at your fingers, with restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

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Things Elon Musk Has in Common with Amazing Things You Never Knew About Singapore

There’s so much to explore about Singapore beyond the bustling city centre:

Start your morning in style, indulge in a great breakfast spread, and have a floating breakfast in the infinity pool. In the privacy of your collection, treat yourself to the ideal floating breakfast.

It’s a city made up of 64 islands, not just one

Singapore’s land area includes 64 outlying islands surrounding the main island, which you may not be aware of. Sentosa (the most significant offshore islands), Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island, and Sisters’ Islands are only a few. For guests, this means more fun in the sun!

The world’s first night zoo is located here

Singapore’s Night Safari offers a unique nocturnal experience in the city and is the world’s first night zoo. The 35-hectare park, which opened in 1994, houses approximately 1,000 animals in authentic night-time settings. Take a 40-minute tram ride to get a birds-eye perspective of the park’s most fantastic attractions. Take a stroll across the park’s four interconnected walking trails for a unique zoo experience.

According to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, it’s a city full of (artificial) waterfalls

The first artificial waterfall was erected in 1971 at Jurong Bird Park. It is the tallest waterfall in an aviary to date, falling from a height of 30 meters. That’s not all, though. You’ll also discover new summits to explore. The misty conservatory’s focal point is a massive 35-meter waterfall created to house plant life from the tropical highlands. A visit to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall is a must-do on any trip to Singapore. The HSBC Rain Vortex, located in Jewel Changi Airport’s retail and lifestyle complex, soars to a height of 40 meters and is encircled by a lush indoor landscape.

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The Best Approach to Singapore Food for Every Personality Type

Singaporean food is as ethnically multiple as its people, integrating Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Western cultures. A trip to one of the hawker centres or shopping mall food courts will be educational and delicious. From lowly street food carts to luxurious rooftop restaurants and everything in between, I’ve got the best examples of Singaporean cuisine accessible within the city-state.

Hainanese chicken rice

Rice cooked in chicken broth served with steamed chicken. This classic recipe is perfect for a quick and substantial lunch. The steamed rice bursting with flavour and a fragrant perfume is a testament to the high quality of the chicken stock used in this meal. Toss the chicken with some dipping sauce and try it.

Chilli crab

Hard-shell crabs cooked in a tomato-chilli-based semi-thick sauce. Partially cracked steamed crabs are briefly stir-fried in a mixture made of chilli sauce, ketchup, and eggs. Chilli crab, despite its name, is not particularly spicy. Bread is usually requested, so dive in with both hands!


There are several other types of laksa, but the one popular in Singapore is Katong laksa, which uses cut-up noodles. There is a cross between Chinese and Malay cuisine, rice noodles in a spicy coconut curry soup with shrimp, fish cakes, egg, and chicken meat. Cockles and tofu puffs are occasionally included.

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Fascinating Reasons People like Singapore Festivals

Here are the festivals in Singapore that are celebrated with great enthusiasm:


Pongal is a four-day holiday that is widely observed in Southern India. This event is held to praise Surya, the sun god, for the crop and the blessings of life. Indians in Singapore also commemorate the auspicious month of Thai with grandeur at the commencement of the month. Various activities and competitions light up Little India during Pongal. During this event in Singapore, people also exchanged gifts and wore new attire.

Chinese New Year

The new moon day falls on the first day of the Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival in Singapore. The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year by cleaning their homes to rid themselves of bad luck and make room for good fortune. Starting on New Year’s Eve, Singaporeans will celebrate this spectacular holiday for 14 days. Local Chinese people visit their families around this time and adorn their homes in crimson and gold. They also exchange gifts and give Hong Bao to the children (red envelopes). The celebration of festivals brings Chinatown to life. As part of the festivities, performed lion and dragon dances.


Pusam is the name of a star in the Tamil calendar, while Thai is the name of a month. During this time, the Pusam star is at its brightest Thai month. As a result, the Thaipusam festival is held on full moon day. Devotees walk from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple in Singapore. The celebration lasts two days: on the eve of the day and the actual day. It’s a festival where believers may make good on their promises. Some devotees wear Kavadis (altars) with spikes that stab their torsos, while others carry milk containers that are afterwards poured over the Vel (a divine weapon).

Lantern Festival

The Spring Lantern Festival, often known as the Lantern Festival, is one of Singapore’s most popular celebrations. It is the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations (the 15th day). The children make paper lanterns outside, light them, and release them into the sky on this day. The sight of numerous lanterns lighting up the night sky is breathtaking. Some are simple and classic, while others come in a variety of forms and sizes. Some even offer quizzes for the children to complete.

Singapore, as a result, appears to be from another planet. It is worth your time to visit Singapore at least once in your life! The country takes pride in its stability and security, and the city is known for its conservatism and tight local regulations.

Bill Gates’s shocking tweet about the Maldives

Bill Gates’s shocking tweet about the Maldives

Travellers are mesmerised by the country’s distinctive geography. Long stretches of white sand beaches bordering the blue Indian Ocean, stilted waterside houses, and a romantic candlelit meal at the pavilion with a drink of champagne. Tiny jewel-like islands delimited by the whitest of soft sand surrounded by the most translucent shallow waters that one can imagine so far, on water and reefs that offer bands of colour.

Best time to visit the Maldives

It’s not just the divine hospitality that makes tourists in the Maldives feel like they’re on cloud nine; the beautiful weather also plays a role, with temperatures averaging 29 degrees Celsius all year. The Maldives has two seasons, a dry season linked with dry northeast winter monsoons and a wet season connected with moist southwest monsoons due to their tropical monsoon climate.

The Maldives in Dry Season (December to April)


The best time to visit the Maldives is during this season. It’s ideal for sightseeing, cultural activities, sea sports, and sampling the local fare. April is the most significant month to swim in the water, with an average sea temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The weather is dry, without humidity, and pleasant during these months, with a moderate temperature.

The importance of this season is that it allows visitors to see and experience the best that the Maldives has to offer. All of the areas are densely occupied, and the atmosphere is festive and bustling.

Why should you go now

Clearly, the weather and the resulting overall beauty make this the most incredible season for a holiday? It is an ideal location because it receives little precipitation and has a pleasant climate. Rainfall is also reasonably light, so it isn’t a problem.

Tips: Given peak season, hotel rates and fees for various activities can be extremely costly. April is a better month to visit because the high season has ended, and the lean months have begun for more budget-conscious visitors.

The Maldives in Wet Season (May to November)


31 degrees Celsius, while nighttime temperatures are 25 degrees Celsius.


Annual rainfall in the north is 254 cm (100 inches), while 381 cm (150 inches) in the south. The month of September is the wettest of the year.

The destination is less appealing to most travellers because of the infrequent and severe rains. On the other hand, some careless ones are more than happy to pay a visit around this time. On the other hand, getting into the water is not a common strategy this time of year and should be done at one’s own risk.

Significance: Surfers like this time of year since the area has more massive waves and better swells for surfing. While the waters can be treacherous, those who are genuinely daring and have the proper equipment can expect to have a blast.

Why should you go now

Ramadan, which usually falls in May, is one of the greatest seasons to visit the Maldives since you may sample various local dishes? Enjoy excellent iftar meals as well as rose, apricot, and Lamartine-flavored juices at the eateries.

More daring travellers like this time of year to travel because of the lower prices, less congested resorts, and ideal surf and dive conditions. The water temperatures are also a few degrees more relaxed in the rainy season, which encourages a more significant number of hammerhead sharks and reef sharks to congregate in shallower waters than in the dry season. Because the currents are smaller, visibility is not as good as it is during the dry season.

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Is it a dream to be here!

The gentle and lapping Indian Ocean has moulded and sculpted the Maldives, making it one of the most quintessentially beautiful tropical destinations on the earth. From the pristine beaches of the northern atolls to the earthy sea shacks and fishing hamlets of the southern isles, the entire nation can be found strewn across the blue oceans some way from the Indian subcontinent. Most travellers will arrive in Male, and a bustling, pulsing city is squeezed onto its isle’s pinprick with spice-scented markets and massive mosques.

Let’s explore the best areas to visit in the Maldives:


The Male, the capital of the Maldives atolls, has the fierce impression of a city crammed into a space too tiny for it, throbbing with scooters and trucks and Indian bazaars piled high with coconuts and spices. That’s because it’s true. Despite being rarely visited, the town is jammed onto a pint-sized islet in the North Male Atoll (most guests bypass the city on seaplanes flying straight to their resort). It, however, manage to squeeze in some remarkable sights, such as the 17th-century Friday Mosque and the gold-tipped Islamic Centre, between its streets. Another must-see is the Male Market; make sure you brush up on your haggling skills first.


Maafushi may lack the opulent luxury resorts and five-star hotels of its neighbours, but it is not without charm. After being devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the area has been busily rebuilding its salt-washed fishing jetties and hardworking sailor cottages over the last decade. Maafushi’s development into one of the best off-the-beaten-path island retreats for budget travellers has been facilitated by providing rights to local guesthouses. Beautiful beaches with palm palms, lapping waves, and, of course, a swarm of quaint little coffee shops dotting the shoreline.

Hulhumale Island

The island of Hulhumale, located just across the gorgeous waters from Male’s capital, is forever expanding as additional land is reclaimed to house the city’s sweeping urban tentacles. It’s It has a beautiful – albeit artificial – beach on its eastern outskirts, as well as a slew of lush homes, a glass-topped mosque, and planned promenade walkways above the Indian Ocean. Also home to the Velana International Airport, which serves as the principal entry point for most visitors to these idyllic islands. Please don’t get scared by the sound of it all; Hulhumale is genuinely a lovely spot.

A Dozen Must-Do Experiences in the Maldives

Floating breakfast in the infinity pool

Start your morning in style, indulge in a great breakfast spread, and have a floating breakfast in the infinity pool. In the privacy of your collection, treat yourself to the ideal floating breakfast.

  • Fly above the Islands

Flying in the sky in a seaplane allows you to take in the scenery. View the islands, sand bars, and lagoons strewn over the blue ocean from above.

  • Mystic illuminated shores

Have you ever gone for a walk along the beach at night and seen it lit up by a blue glow? The unusual beauty inspired bioluminescence planktons to develop this magical occurrence.

  • Over-water Villa

Over-water Villa is paradise’s secret side. Stay in a secluded overwater villa with unique boardwalks and roofs located over beautiful blue seas. In resorts, overwater villas are the ultimate source of luxury and solitude; visitors may expect a romantic getaway thanks to the one-island, one-resort idea.

  • Sunset fishing

The Maldives is one of the best fishing locations globally, thanks to its rich marine heritage. Sustainable pole and line fishing and sunset fishing are reserved for anglers and everyone who wants to watch a beautiful sunset at sea.

  • Harmony with nature

The Maldives is one of the top swimming and snorkelling destinations in the world. You may snorkel with manta rays, nurse sharks, sea turtles, and even whale sharks if you’re lucky in a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The ideal places to go for this experience are Bar Atoll and Are Uttle.

  • Exquisite Underwater Dining experience

Under the sea, fantastic dining experiences await amid vivid vistas of stunning coral gardens, flora and fauna; with savoury dishes on the tables and luxury guaranteed, the impression of being underwater is unparalleled.

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A myriad of rich tastes and flavours

Have you ever wondered how traditional food tastes?

Maldivian cuisine has a wide range of tastes and flavours that will stay with you for a long time. “Garudhiya baiy,” a native fish soup with rice, is one of the most popular foods. Bondi, hedhikaa, and Mashuni are some of the other native delights. It’s excellent if you perform these every time you visit the Maldives.

Let’s dig into the best food in the Maldives:


If you like miso or dashi, you should try this recipe. It’s a typical Maldivian fish soup with citrus and spices. The main ingredient is fresh tuna, which gives the soup that all-important umami flavour. Fish cubes are cooked in a mixture of water, curry leaves, onion, garlic, and chilli before being seasoned with crispy fried onions and lime spritz. It’s stupidly easy, but it manages to be both a terrific winter warmer and a refreshing summer soup.

Boshi mashuni

Boshi mash unit is a mix of shredded, blanched (but still crunchy) banana flowers, fresh coconut, and spices that falls in between a salad and a salsa. It’s tangy from the lime, spicy from the onion and Maldivian chilli (you can use regular chillies, make sure they’re hot like bird’s eyes), and savoury from the Curry leaves, turmeric, and cumin are all used in this dish. Essentially a healthy food, which, to be honest, seems immaterial with something this beautiful to eat.

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Feel the love in the Maldives

Any of these Maldivian romantic resorts might serve as the ideal setting for your Maldives honeymoon or romantic holiday. Compared to regular resort accommodations, these resorts typically provide more space and a greater sense of seclusion, making them ideal for couples wishing to spend quality time together.

  • Soneva Jani

The Jani resort is located on Medhufaru Island, the Maldives’ most private and spectacular hotel, surrounded by pristine beaches and offers unobstructed 360-degree views of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives’ most considerable, each of the 24 majestic water villas is larger than several hotels.

  • The st.Regis Maldives vommuli resorts

The St. Regis resort is set on a private atoll that spans more than 20 acres and is bordered by unspoilt beaches and a turquoise lagoon. The colour palette and natural materials of the island-inspired the design style.

  • Naladhu

This is a lovely resort that shares a crystal-clear lagoon with its sister resorts, Dhigu and Veli. Naladhu, Maldivian for “beautiful island,” offers a timeless moment on the Indian Ocean’s blue seas and welcomes you to relax in delightful privacy. The resort is exceptionally private, with only 20 colonial-style villas and residences, each offering a fantastic hideaway with a timeless swimming pool.

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This Is Your Brain on Maldives Festivals

Fisherman’s Day

A festival that honours and recognises the labour of the country’s fisherman. On December 10th, this annual event takes place, and a variety of events are held to commemorate and thank everyday fishers for their significant contribution to the Maldives’ economy.

Kuda Eid Festival

The holiday is observed on the first day of the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. It’s a three-day event. The sighting of the new moon, signalled by a cannon shot in Malé and broadcast on television, marks the end of Ramadan. Early in the morning, people go to the mosque to pray, make offerings, give alms to the poor, and seek divine blessings. In the rural islands, traditional dances are performed.

National Day

On the first day of the lunar calendar’s third month, it is commemorated. It commemorates Thakurufaanu’s victory over the Portuguese in Malé in 1573, ending the Portuguese colonial invasion after killing the Sultan of the Maldives and creating their government. Parades and marches are held on the streets of the capital.

The Maldives are often considered a high-end, budget-busting destination, but this isn’t the case. The country is less expensive than some of the Caribbean’s or Southeast Asia’s most popular holiday spots! The beaches are suffocated by the sea (climate change and coral bleaching were both significant themes among the islanders I spoke with), or the world realises how affordable the country is. Advocate visiting the Maldives before the islands become overdeveloped.