Why book with a travel agent?

Why book with a travel agent?

High street travel agents have the means of searching thousands of possibilities and matching the perfect holiday for you. They take care of the whole process, from helping you decide where to go to sorting out any issues after you return. Today it’s possible for you to sit at home, search the web and book most travel arrangements online. So why is the travel agent still needed? Why should people continue to use a travel agent and their skills and not simply do it themselves?

You’re protected!

Online, you can often find great deals, but you must be careful that the company you book with has ATOL protection and that the company has been around for a while. If the company goes bust, you will lose your holiday and the money you paid for it. Booking with a travel agency, especially one that has been around while knows the industry, and they only deal with trusted suppliers. They will also have ATOL protection, so if anything happens, you are covered. If you book your travel online, do a quick check on the company you are booking with to ensure you are protected if the worst should happen and the reviews are at least 3.5 stars. The last thing you want is to turn up at the airport and have no flight! If things go wrong, the trusted agent will always be on hand to help you as much as they can. Having the best travel contacts in the business means they know the most effective procedure to resolve any issues you may face. They have the best alternative solutions, backup plans ready to launch at any given time.

You're protected: World Holiday Vibes Blog

You can speak to someone face to face

If there is a problem or a complex booking, you can come in and talk to someone face to face. If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can always reach someone. Booking a holiday online can be time-consuming and sometimes daunting. With a wide range of options available and lots of information to absorb, it’s hard to know what’s the best possible option for you. You must understand every detail of your holiday, and as your Personal Travel Agent, we are here to ensure you know everything about your booking, so there are no nasty surprises. There’s also the fact that by picking up the phone and speaking to us, you can ask all the questions which may be on your mind. Something about talking to a human being makes the whole experience more reassuring. The key benefit of booking with an experienced travel agent is the trust factor for many of our customers. Knowing that if you have any questions or issues, you can turn to us as a travel expert to resolve them.

You can speak to someone face to face: World Holiday Vibes Blog

They do all the work, so you save on time and money!

Looking online for a holiday is very time consuming; deciding where to go, researching what there is to do in the area, and if it’s safe finding the right hotel, finding the right price – the list goes on. Visas, how to get to the airport, and get to the hotel when you land. It’s stressful, by the time you finish booking your holiday, you need one! A travel agency does all of this for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. The price you get is likely to be like what you could find yourself online, maybe a little higher if we are honest, but how many hours would you have spent looking? If you factor in the cost of your time, you are saving a fortune by booking with a travel agency! On average, the British public spends 20 hours trawling the web looking at holidays. By picking up the phone for a 5-minute call or dropping me an email with your holiday enquiry, we can save you so much of your precious time. We have access to exclusive deals and upgrades that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Finding the perfect holiday also takes a lot of time. Ensuring you find the best flights, the best hotel, and the most suitable destination. So as your Personal Travel Agent, we do all the hard work for you- so you don’t have to. After years in the travel business, we have made connections to arrange holidays extras such as special passes, upgrades and little touches that are not available to the public. In the ever-growing world of travel, something incredible is always around the corner, and we can be the first ones to tell you!
As your Travel Agent, we provide you with impartial advice and the highest customer service. So that when things do go wrong, we are here for you when you need support.

They do all the work, so you save on time and money: World Holiday Vibes Blog

You get expert advice

You might find a great holiday deal online, book it, but when you arrive, you realize it’s hurricane season/raining/too hot etc. A travel agent can tell you everything you need to know before you go and give you good advice to have a great time. Plus, most travel agents love to travel and are off somewhere new all the time, so they can tell you about places they think you would enjoy if you needed inspiration.

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To get a good deal online, you generally need to book with several providers: hotel companies, flights company, airport transfers companies, etc. You have lots of different confirmations to keep track of. Everything is in one place with a travel agency, so you still get the flexibility to find what you want for the right price, but without messiness. Buying a holiday is a unique purchase; you’re not just buying a product; you’re also purchasing a service. We’ll make sure each piece of your trip meets your specific needs and ensure your trip will run as smoothly as possible, whether that’s looking for the best transfers, internal flights, pre-booked excursions, and so much more. It’s always our promise to offer all our customers the highest level of service, and we are proud they return to us again and again. Our commitment means We’ll always try to find them the best holiday at the best price and ensure all the little extras are taken care of. So, you have a stress-free, seamless experience.

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Changes and cancellations

Suppose you need to make changes or cancel your booking. In that case, a travel agency can work with you to find you the best possible outcome, whereas booking online, you are often faced with no response via emails or waiting 45 minutes for a call center to pick up the phone only to be told there’s nothing they can do. Your travel agent will also tell you about what is and isn’t allowed when they book your travel so you can make informed decisions without having to read all the terms and conditions. Booking with a travel agent might seem outdated to some. Still, with the pace of life and our busy schedules, it is a time saving, safe way to book your holidays – you might need a little patience while we go off to find you the best possible holiday deals. Please sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work.

The number of holidays available now is endless, whether it’s your traditional beach holiday, a luxury cruise, or a multi-destination trip of a lifetime! We have the knowledge and experience to find you the best holiday at the best price. Over the years, we’ve made partnerships and have signed solid agreements with the best airlines and operators to book with, depending on the holiday you are looking for. Whether it’s an occasion holiday, you need an upgrade, cancellation, postpone or have a special request for the hotel; We can make these arrangements for you. Having great contacts and relationships with hotels and suppliers in the industry means that we can easily make these arrangements for you.

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