Keep your chin up to Seychelles’ exotic paradise without putting in a lot of effort

Keep your chin up to Seychelles’ exotic paradise without putting in a lot of effort

The Seychelles are free of stress and strife; you can concentrate on relaxing and making the most of your break in paradise! With its deep blue oceans and white sand beaches, Seychelles has become a popular honeymoon destination. Seychelles are a little piece of heaven on Earth, and the picturesque country has established itself as a favourite honeymoon destination, blessed with deep blue waters and white sand beaches filled with rich sea life.

The world’s ultimate tropical paradise includes the world’s only granite islands in the middle of the ocean, the world’s oldest ocean islands, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, and a slew of other attractions.

These islands’ natural splendor is like something out of a tourism book. The white beaches are hemmed in by smooth granite rocks, and the crystal-clear sea, along with the rich flora and flourishing fauna is something that everyone should see at least once in their lives. If you need a break from lounging on the sun deck, the cuisine is spicy and fresh, the local culture is fascinating, and there are lots of activities, especially water sports, to keep you busy.

Seychelles’ fantastic flora and wildlife, with so many beautiful birds and coral reef islands where the water is shallow from the beaches, protected by a coral reef, and ideal for snorkelling, are the exciting parts of the country.

The Indian Ocean, which surrounds Seychelles’ islands, is home to a diverse array of coral species, turtles, and colourful fish. You may see how magnificent the ocean scenery is if you go snorkelling, scuba diving, or kayaking.

Scuba diving and snorkelling are two of the most daring Seychelles activities. The northern island region is ideal for scuba diving due to the stunning landscape of expansive coral reefs, ocean cliffs, wreckages, and gorgeous gorges. The island of Mahe boasts some fantastic snorkelling areas, such as Bay Ternay, which is another must-do Seychelles activity. Scuba diving in Seychelles should be on your bucket list!

Seychelles provide world-class diving, snorkelling, surfing, sailing, and some of the richest fishing grounds. Seychelles’ bigger granitic inner islands (mainly Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue) are the most developed for tourism, with numerous luxury five-star resorts. A full-day boat trip to Therese Island with your family and BBQ will add to your Seychelles vacation. One of your favourite boat trips will be the 40-minute trip to Therese Island. You can snorkel in the ocean or relax by the azure waves. BBQ on the beach will be your favourite activity; the authentic creole BBQ will drive you crazy.

While some islands in Seychelles are nearly empty and offer peace, quiet, and complete solitude, others are almost entirely deserted and offer peace, quiet, and complete seclusion. Seychelles has a diverse range of landscapes and sceneries, including mountains, beaches, and lush flora.

The Seychelles beaches have a lot to offer. The sand is extremely thin and completely white, and the water is warm. The most admirable aspect is that even the most popular beaches are never packed in the way most people imagine. Those who want to escape crowds have an entirely a plethora of possibilities.

The majority of the beaches here are unexplored, and several are naturally bordered by palm trees and lush flora, which give pleasant shade during the day.

Greenery! When I think of Mahe Island in Seychelles, it is the first word that comes to my mind. There is green stuff all over the place.

Mahe is the archipelago’s largest island and one of Seychelles’ most popular tourist destinations. The island is also known for the Beau Vallon beach and the numerous tourist attractions of Victoria City, which is one of the world’s smallest capital towns.

Get to know the best pink sands in the world and the stunning granite rocks where the water laps, and make the most of your holiday. Spend some time alone or with your loved ones here as you watch the azure ocean touch the horizon. You will never be able to get enough of Mahe Island.

Anse Lazio is a beautiful beach on the northwest coast of Praslin Island. It is one of the most excellent beaches in Praslin, and its proximity to Madagascar and Zanzibar makes it a must-see destination for Seychelles holidaymakers. One of the free things to do in Seychelles is to relax on this beach. The enormous granite boulders that line the shore add to the area’s natural beauty. You can arrange a trip to this beautiful beach, spend some time alone, and recharge here!

Adventure tourism is enjoyable, but have you considered taking a helicopter flight over the islands? Taking a helicopter flight over the pristine islands of the Indian Ocean is one of the most remarkable ways to see the best of the heavenly island. From the air, take in the ridiculous ways of the exotic islands, and it’s a whole new level of enjoyment.

Taking a holiday to Seychelles doesn’t require any particular immunisations, and you won’t need to worry about obtaining a visa because you’ll be handed one when you arrive! You won’t face any significant threats while you’re there. It is worth a visit.

When the sunsets, your feet should be tired, hair messy, and eyes sparkling with today’s memories.

Palm Forest
Pwason Griye
Snorkelling Areas
Have an immersive experience on the “sunny coast”

Have an immersive experience on the “sunny coast”

Have an immersive experience on the “sunny coast”

The Sunshine Coast is as large as it is varied, stretching from the coastal city of Caloundra, near Brisbane, to the Great Sandy National Park in the north. White sand beaches and crystal-clear streams coexist with thick rainforests and World Heritage-listed national parks, with lovely traditional towns.

Sunny skies and a pleasant tropical temperature draw visitors all year. It’s no surprise that this is one of Queensland’s most popular tourist destinations, with a string of beautiful beaches, world-class surf breaks, wildlife-rich national parks, and other tourist attractions.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a stunning setting for any vacation, especially a self-drive experience. Discover the Glass House Mountains’ old volcanic peaks, wander through lush rainforests, and take in the spectacular views — lose yourself in the Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty and solitude.

Here are some exciting things about Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast, located opposite the Gold Coast, is a true retreat for those seeking calmness and coolness. It provides the impression of being on vacation all of the time if you live there. The locals are friendly. There is no anxiety here; they enjoy a BBQ with friends and family and head to surf on the beach.


Montville is a high-quality hinterland experience that combines cultural activities, breathtaking natural beauty, and award-winning restaurants. At Montville, you’ll find one of Australia’s most spectacular and panoramic vistas of a coastal plain.



Maleny is enchanted by the undulating green hills, deep pockets of the rainforest, and beautiful vistas in all directions. Come and solve the puzzle for yourself.

This one-of-a-kind rural town is positioned high above the Sunshine Coast, with breathtaking vistas of Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains.

Maleny is a little piece of pleasure where you may enjoy unpredictably welcoming village attitudes, unique local craft practices, and wonderful fresh delights.


Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach is one of the best spots on the Sunshine coast to experience the summer season and all that the Sunshine Coast offers, with gorgeous, gentle water and the brilliant warmth of the sun.

Coolum Beach exemplifies the Sunshine Coast’s energy and hospitality. This beach, next to the Club Coolum Beach Resort, offers miles of beach to walk along. It is maintained all year and is safe for the entire family to swim.

Coolum beach

Noosa Beach

Noosa Main Beach is on the East Coast that faces north. If you feel hungry, there are numerous cafes, stores, restaurants around, and world-class vistas. The waves are charming early in the morning when the beach is most popular with surfers.

Noosa beach

Peregian Beach

Peregian Beach is one of the Sunshine Coast’s hidden gems. Peregian has a cosy feel when you walk along the pristine beach or wander among the magnificent dunes and casuarina trees. The beach is less crowded than those in Coolum and Noosa.

Peregian beach

Rainbow beach

It’s certainly worth the trip to Rainbow Beach, where you’ll find a little country town with a beach vibe! If you prefer outdoor activities and nature, you will enjoy your time here. The locals enjoy relaxing on the beach with delicious cuisine. Swimming Professional lifeguards and volunteer lifeguards protect our gorgeous surf beach all year. Surfing at Rainbow Beach is generally considered to be safe.

Rainbow beach

Oz Ski Resort

The only artificial freshwater ski facility on the Sunshine Coast is Oz Ski Resort. On two lakes, they run Mastercraft boats. Water skiing and wakeboarding lessons for beginners to intermediate riders and banana boat trips, kneeboarding, and tubing are available. Their banana is large enough to feed up to six people.

Oz ski resort


Hike next to waterfalls, or walk through extensive open woodlands. On the Glass House Mountains, test your strength on a rugged uphill trail. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the Sunshine Coast.

Glass house mountains hiking

Visit the Ginger Factory

The Ginger Factory is a renowned tourist destination on the Sunshine Coast. Great shopping, a cafe, educational tours, fun rides, an undercover playground, free wi-fi, a Gruffalo path, and acres of magnificent sub-tropical gardens and walkways are available.

Ginger factory in sunshine coast


Gingerlatis Gelati & Dessert Bar serves 18 flavours of handcrafted gelato created right here at The Ginger Factory. Lollipops, doughnuts, shakes, and sundaes are available every day for added indulgence.

Gingerlatis gelati and dessert bar

The ginger kitchen

Relax, unwind, and taste “The Ginger Kitchen’s” delectable food. Allow their talented chefs to seduce you with a delicious menu featuring the best of the Sunshine Coast’s seasonal ingredients. In addition, the Ginger Kitchen is wholly authorised.

The Ginger Factory is ideal for the whole family to sample authentic Queensland cuisine.

You may go on a Gruffalo Trail adventure here at the Ginger Factory!

With their new augmented reality app, you may go through the rainforest and follow the trail searching for the Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake, and, of course, the hungry Gruffalo.

The ginger kitchen


Explore the tropical gardens for a wander and to connect with nature. Explore acres of exotic plants, magnificent water features, and quiet spots to rest and unwind.

Rainforest in sunshine coast

The Sunshine Coast is a subtropical vacation spot in Australia. The region, rich in diversity, is filled with the best of Australia’s offerings – for genuine. So, what are you awaiting? Purchase your tickets and cruise to the sun-drenched shore.

The City of Roses – Taif, Saudi Arabia

The City of Roses – Taif, Saudi Arabia

Taif in Saudi Arabia

Taif is nicknamed “Rose City” because it has over 800 flower farms and sees over 300 million blossoms each year. Every year in April, roses are gathered for their essential oil, which is subsequently used to clean the sacred Kaaba, the cube-shaped monument in Mecca where Muslims pray. Take a look at the arid Kingdom’s ‘City of Roses’. Saudi Arabia is known for its vast desert scenery, and it is unusual to see the western Saudi Arabian city of Taif becoming pink. When the roses blossom in Taif, the scene changes completely.

The Taif Rose Festival, which has strong roots in Taif tradition, occurs every year between March and April when the roses bloom. Visitors can meander through exquisite rose gardens, enjoy traditional folk dancing performances, and purchase bouquets of the lovely flower. These celebrations are cheerful, but the rich rose aroma that permeates the fresh spring air against the breathtaking mountainous backdrop makes it so beautiful.

What makes Taif so popular?

Taif is known for its beautiful tourist attractions such as museums, parks, flea markets, fruits, roses, aromatic flower farms, and cultural attractions like Souk Okaz.

Let’s see what intriguing activities are there to do in Taif.

Al Rudaf Park

Taif is Arabia’s most popular tourist destination. This Park is located in Taif city, more than an hour’s drive from Makkah. Al-Rudaf Park is a popular tourist destination all year, including during the summer. This family-friendly space in the heart of Taif is made up of green areas and playgrounds. Water fountains and 750 water cannons, a zoo, horses, horse-drawn carriages, a water-display screen, and several children’s play areas are all included in the lake.

Al Rudaf park

Shafa Mountains

Magnificent landscapes and mountainous attractions surround the Shafa Mountains, and exploring them is one of the most well-liked activities in Taif. Ash Shafa, a popular summer destination in Saudi, offers breathtaking landscapes, year-round pleasant weather, and exciting sports such as hiking, horseback riding, and camel riding. Also, take a cable car ride to the summit of Shafa Mountain.

Shafa mountains

Al Wahbah crater

Al Wahbah crater is a volcanic crater on the western side of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau in the Hejazi region. Many volcano cones are found on this plateau, including the Al Wahbah crater, which provides a stunning sight. The tourist centre houses an exhibit that discusses the crater’s structure and composition. You can go to the museum to learn everything there is to know about the crater and its geology. The climate in the area surrounding the Al Wahbah crater is primarily hot. As a result, the best time to visit is during the winter. Because it is still hot at noon, it is best to travel early or late in the evening. Camping at Al Wahbah is a popular tourist pastime because the nights are more relaxed.

Al Wahbah crater

Souq Okaz

The Okaz market is yet another tourist destination and a significant source of tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It still has the majesty of the past and the glitz of the present. This location is a seasonal exhibition space that only opens once a year. If you want to go, check if it’s open, then make a plan. It usually begins during the Taif/Janadriyah season. The Souk Okaz festival is an annual cultural event that includes poetry readings, sports, dance, theatre, and market readings for ten days.

Its purpose is to introduce the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s intellectual and cultural heritage to the rest of the world and highlight the cultural and intellectual history of the Arab and Islamic civilisations that developed in the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, you can participate if you want to know about their culture and tradition.

Souq Okaz

Taif Zoo

The Taif Zoo is in the Sadad district of Taif. The zoo isn’t massive, but it has a variety of extraordinary creatures. Elephants, lions, and zebras are among the animals housed at the zoo. There is also an entertainment area with rides for both children and adults at the zoo. At Taif Zoo, there is also a dolphin display. It is a must-see attraction in Taif for families and children.

Taif zoo

Jouri mall

Jouri Mall, Taif, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Taif. Thanks to its innovative and dynamic design, which incorporates vibrant colours to create a lively atmosphere and provides all of the visitor’s entertainment needs and a unique shopping experience.

The Al-Jouri Mall in Taif has spaces dedicated to children’s games, a large dining hall with many well-known restaurants and cafes, and parking and other amenities that bring comfort and elegance to mall visitors.

There is plenty of free parking available within the five gates. The mall is clean, and there are plenty of stores to see, at least 15-20 different outlets in the food court. There are also some excellent dessert options, which are always a plus!

Jouri mall

Shubra Palace

If you’re seeking a prime location to see in Taif, Shubra Palace, known for its royal splendour, is a must-see. It was designed after one of the finest palaces built in the Shubra neighbourhood at the time. The Palace is known for its urban style, which combines Roman and Islamic influences with traditional architecture. The Palace has an excellent facade. The Shubra Palace’s grandeur is enhanced even more by the latticework windows and balconies. Please check whether it is opened before you head there to avoid disappointments.

Shubra palace

Taif is regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s most affluent cities. Don’t miss out on seeing it for yourself. Best of luck on your travels!

Things to do in the world’s oldest desert – Namibia Windhoek

Things to do in the world’s oldest desert – Namibia Windhoek

Namibia is a top tourism destination and one of the most fascinating and diverse countries globally. A stunning combo of beautiful vistas that will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Namibia’s landscapes are vital in making the country unique. Namibia has some of Africa’s most spectacular natural landscapes, ranging from the Namib sand seas, including the world’s most giant dunes, to the awe-inspiring Fish River Canyon, gravel plains, and mountains. The world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert, has existed for at least 55 million years, with no surface water but several dry riverbeds. As a result, Namibia now has the world’s oldest desert.

Windhoek is Namibia’s capital and largest city, attracting visitors with its museum, shopping, and restaurants, making it a perfect destination to begin or conclude any Namibian journey. Windhoek is often the tour’s starting and ending location rather than an attraction in and of itself for tourists going on a Namibia tour. However, suppose you have some spare time. In that case, you will discover that Namibia’s capital is an intriguing location with plenty to see and experience. It can easily fit into your tour and become a memorable part of your vacation.

Is Windhoek, Namibia, worth a visit? Yes, I believe so. Give it a shot. This article will discuss the most incredible places to visit and activities to partake. I am confident that you will make the most of your vacation to Windhoek with the assistance of my article.

1. Visit the Independence Memorial Museum

The Independence Memorial Museum includes an extraordinary collection of artworks, antiques, and instructive displays that depict the story of the racial freedom movement. There are two significant statues in front of the museum.

A superb method to learn about Namibia’s history is to visit the Independence Memorial Museum. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is free to enter, and Sundays are closed.

Independence memorial museum (Namibia)

2. From the “Balcony of Love,” take in the view

The “Balcony of Love” is located at the top of the Independence Memorial Museum and offers spectacular views over the city. One of three balconies is available to us, and it’s a terrific spot to get a bird’s eye perspective of the city’s most famous German Lutheran church. You can also see Alte Festa, Windhoek’s oldest standing structure, which operated as a German fort during colonial times but is currently inaccessible to the public.

Balcony of love in the independence memorial museum

3. Alte Feste or Former National Museum of Namibia

The National Museum of Namibia was once housed in a white low-rise colonial building next to the Independence Memorial Museum. During colonialism, it was used as a German Fort and is Windhoek’s oldest still-standing edifice.

We can find a statue commemorating the Genocide of the Nama and Herero people outside. In the courtyard of Alte Fest is a disputed statue of a German Corporal on a horse, evoking German persecution. The sculpture can be seen from the Independence Memorial’s rooftop bar, “Balcony of Love.”

Alte Feste or former national museum of Namibia

4. At Voigtland Guesthouse, you can have lunch with giraffes

One of your favourite things to do in Windhoek will undoubtedly be this. Visit the Voigtland hotel, where you can feed giraffes while eating lunch, breakfast, or high tea. Staying overnight at Voigtland Guesthouse is the most fantastic way to see the giraffes. Mountain biking, trekking, ATV riding, and a large pool with views of the giraffes and adjacent mountains are available to guests.

Voigtland guesthouse

5. In Windhoek, there are free walking tours

A free walking tour is one of the most excellent things to do in Windhoek. Local guides will assist you and provide valuable background knowledge about Windhoek and Namibian history. Explore the city centre while listening to walking guides telling you about Windhoek’s history. Alte Feste, the zoo park, the parliament gardens, and the historic fort are all worth seeing.

Walking tour in parliament gardens or zoo park

6. Katutura township tour

Katutura Township is located to the north of Windhoek city centre. Township is a hub of dynamic culture, and a visit to the region provides insight into the life of Namibians who live in cities. Bicycling tours are among the safest and least diversified methods to experience township life. Traditional kapana (grilled meat) can be sampled at the bustling township market. We can find local delicacies such as dried spinach, salmon, and Mopane worms in the market.

Grilled meat is the main tourist attraction at the market, and many stalls are lined up next to each other. Then grab some fresh salad with Kapana spices and deep-fried dough balls called “Vetkoek” to go with it. You’ll thank me afterwards!

Katutura township

7. Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon in Namibia is Africa’s grandest canyon and the world’s second-largest canyon, and it is one of Namibia’s most popular tourist spots. Like other places in Namibia, the Fish River Canyon is home to a wide variety of plants, animals, reptiles, insects, birds, and fish.

Fish river canyon

8. Eat at Plant D Restaurant for a nutritious meal

When it comes to a soulful eatery, where do you start? Stunning food, fantastic service, excellent and cheerful employees, and a devoted owner. This restaurant would be your first pick if you were to return to Windhoek. The setting is beautiful and surrounded by trees and a hidden gem that you must visit.

Plant D Restaurant

I hope all the above information gave you a clear picture. If someone asks me to tell them about Namibia, I will respond, “There is nothing to say, but there is a lot to see, so don’t waste time, pack your bags, and go.

Manila in the Philippines

Manila in the Philippines


The Philippines‘ capital city is Manila, and it is one of the fast-growing tourist destinations globally. Spanish colonists named Manila “Paris of Asia” because it is well known for its natural beauty. Manila also has a romantic name, “Pearl of the orient”. It is called such because of its scenic location and golden sunsets viewed from Manila Bay. It is a fetching city full of amazement, and there are many tourist attractions to immerse in.

Manila is frequently used as a launching pad for seeing the country’s beautiful beaches, picturesque islands, and unique natural beauties. However, there are countless tourist attractions to visit in Manila alone! It is a charming city with plenty of surprises and exciting things to do.

Manila offers extraordinary things for locals and internationals like outstanding shopping malls with good collections, divine food and culinary, a unique transportation system to explore the city like Jeepney and tricycles, peculiar museums, hiking, nature parks, bike rides and many more.

Let us probe into Manila’s food, fashion and fun

Do you have any idea what makes Filipinos happy? Food and faith have traditionally been credited with bringing happiness to Pinoys. They highly value food. The gastronomic culture of the Philippines as a whole is a mash-up of several influences. At the same time, dishes might be sweet, savoury, sour, and spicy. Textures can elevate food in the same way that flavours can. Rice is their primary source of nutrition. It’s usually cooked and served alongside meat, fish, and vegetables. Manila is an excellent spot for those who love to eat since they have a unique food culture. Manila is home to street food because Filipinos love to nibble anywhere. Do you think a culinary adventure is something you should do while you’re here? I’d say yes and recommend taking a gastronomic tour of Binondo, the oldest Chinatown.

People in Manila dress quite well; looks are significant. Although restaurants and hotels do not have a formal dress code, shorts would be considered inappropriate, and you would feel very out of place. Natural fibres such as linen, silk, and cotton function well in heat and humidity.

If you enjoy shopping, Manila is the place for you because it offers a wide range of things at a reasonable price. The 168-shopping mall in Divisoria is a great place to go bargain hunting. Those who enjoy a good deal should not pass up this opportunity! 168 has it all: clothes, shoes, tools, school supplies, and party favours. On weekdays, arrive as early as possible to avoid congestion. Greenhills retail mall is a great place to go for more bargains. This is a great

alternative if you’re seeking reasonable prices on fashion finds, gadgets, and homeware. My recommendation is to dress comfortably and bring loose change (if you arrive with the expectation of purchasing the entire establishment, they will not decrease their pricing for you).

Let us now consider how we might have a good time in Manila

Do you prefer self-portraits or paintings? Art in Island is the perfect location for you. It is Asia’s largest 3D art museum and the FIRST SELFIE MUSEUM globally. Filipinos enjoy shooting excellent images and sharing them on social media if you didn’t already know. With almost 200 works of art, this Art in Island will astound you. We are free to take as many shots as we like. They emphasise that none of the paintings on display are complete without one very crucial element: you, at this interactive 3D museum. Hiwaga will also astonish you with its unique style.

The Lakbay Museo in Manila is the next essential destination to have fun. Lakbay is an excellent resource for learning about Filipino culture and cuisine. The environment is filled with brilliant colours and a sense of fun. A gorgeous Jeepney, a local sari-sari business, and a room packed with hundreds of native apparel and textiles are among the fascinating exhibits. We can see over 11 countries and prominent locations, including the Mayon volcano in Bicol and the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The admittance cost also includes a delectable supper at the Lakbay Museo, which will tempt your taste buds with various foods such as Tinola, Adobo, Sinigang, and others. Take a camera with you because there are so many photo chances. So, get your Lakbay Museo tickets now. I am confident you will be grateful.

On bamboo bikes, explore wonderful historic neighbourhoods and intriguing locations. Bamboo bikes are more efficient than steel and titanium bikes; accelerating and maintaining speed requires less energy. On tour, you will be able to cover more ground than if you were walking, and it can be a more memorable experience than taking a vehicle-based tour.

Filipinos are recognised for their outgoing, generous, and friendly personalities. Locals are, on the whole, amiable and helpful. In the Philippines, they will make you feel perfectly at home. Don’t you think it is worth a visit?

Start planning your tour to Manila. Happy travels!

Philippines' Fashion
Beach in the Philippines
Filipino Fried Lumpia
Golden Sunset
Pearl of the Middle East

Pearl of the Middle East

The “Pearl of the Middle East” is Lebanon. Lebanon is a beautiful pearl found hidden within an oyster in the most unlikely place, a well-hidden pearl of refinement and beauty in the Mediterranean. Another term for it is “Switzerland of the Middle East.” Its snow-capped mountains, which receive fresh snow each winter, and pleasant weather have made it, like the Swiss Alps, a popular winter sports destination.

The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, is a must-see destination. Beirut is recognised as the “Middle East’s Paris” for one reason; it is a fantastic shopping destination. Beirut is one of the safest places in the country, and female travellers can usually dress however they want here. Not many cities have a vibe quite like Beirut. The unique mix between old and new, war and peace, makes for exciting city walks. This place is also constantly bustling with activity and will leave you invigorated. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere and sheer defiance will make you want to join in the mix.

Lebanon is unquestionably one of the world’s most historically significant countries, with many archaeological remains and historic landmarks ranging from ancient Roman ruins to well-preserved castles. The Lebanese are tremendously proud of their shared cultural history, and it’s even been dubbed “Home of Great Roman Ruins” since it still has some of the best-preserved Roman ruins. If you enjoy history, Lebanon is a must-see destination.

Anjar, Baalbek, Byblos, Ouadi Qadisha, and Tyre are Lebanon’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tyre was one of Phoenicia’s two most powerful city-states, and it was their most significant harbour. On the Lebanese shore, Tyre stands tall, reflecting legacy, power, authenticity, and love. Do you wish to be a part of this magnificent city’s blessings? Then make plans for your trip to Lebanon as soon as possible.

Lebanon has some attractive castles. One of the most famous castles in Lebanon is Citadel Saint-Gilles; everything about the fortress speaks of its inhabitants’ readiness for war. Beaufort Castle, Smar Jbeil, Sidon Sea Castle, Byblos castle, Citadel of Mustapha Barbar Agha, Mseilha fort, Moussa castle, Saint Louise castle, Tebnine castle are some other castles you need to visit.

Lebanon is a lovely and diverse country, with mountains on one side and the Mediterranean on the other side. The Mediterranean Sea (Med) is lined with ancient towns with Roman remains and magnificent vistas of the sea. This small country is loaded with the blue coast and rocky shoreline sprinkled with sandy pockets, white-coated evergreen mountains, lush green valleys, and cascades pooling into calm rivers and ponds. The vista of the sea and horizon is a symbol of hope. It’s as if there’s always something new to discover, which motivates us to keep going. It is multicultural and diverse in all aspects of life, with something for everyone. Something new to learn is constantly available. As a result, it is evident that Lebanon ticks all the boxes on every tourist’s wish list.

Let us probe into food, fashion, and fun. Lebanese food is among the healthiest globally due to the items used and how they are prepared. Most of us feel that healthy foods do not taste good, but they create authentic flavours that leave you dumbfounded. Hummus, baba ghanoush, shish taouk, kibbe nayeh, manakeesh, falafel, tabbouleh, fattoush, shawarma, kofta, kunafeh, and baklava are some of the dishes to sample. (Lebanese think of baklava as gold).

Lebanon is a significant fashion capital of the region. Designers like Elie Saab, Reem Acra and Zuhair Murad started their careers in Beirut. The people are fashion conscious, and most men and women dress in trendy, primarily European-style clothing. You are free to wear however you like but be aware that some areas are more conservative than others. So, be mindful of the type of location you’ll be visiting and dress appropriately.

How can you have fun in Lebanon?

Lebanese party like no other, from small family get-togethers to nightclubs and concerts. No one has a good time like the Lebanese. Places like Iris, Yukunkun and the Garten are only some of the places to have a good time.

Here are some facts that we should keep in mind when exploring Lebanon;

We should not think touring around Dahiyeh is okay. Service around Beirut costs a dollar, but when a driver says “taxi”, he will be taking a lot more money from you, so be aware. Refrain from wearing mini shorts around Tripoli and Saida. Let the Connex be the only bus you get into as it is super safe, and don’t get into random buses because if you don’t speak Arabic, it will be challenging to reach the destination. Don’t stay in Beirut and think you have experienced Lebanon. Don’t only eat at high-end restaurants Downtown. In most countries, we are advised not to eat on the streets. In Lebanon, it is the other way around. So, balance out your meals between street food and restaurants. Please do not take pictures of women wearing hijab or niqab. It is illegal to take photos of the army. These are a few things you should avoid.

Lebanon is the Middle East’s safest country. A fantastic destination for tourists, particularly women. Nowhere else can we find raw honesty and self-awareness like the Lebanese! It has a kind and inviting populace, and Lebanese people are friendly and helpful to one another. One of Lebanon’s most attractive features is comfort and affection.

Lebanon is tiny in size but gigantic in its influence. Therefore, it is an excellent destination to add to your bucket list this year. Yes, it is worth a visit. So, why are you holding out? It’s time to start planning your trip.

Church in Jounieh, Lebanon
Shish Taouk
European style clothing
Lebanon Food
The Mediterranean Sea