The Maldives has beautiful lagoons and silken beach sand

by Feb 9, 2022

“Tropical beach paradise” was most likely coined about the Maldives. This secluded Indian Ocean haven, located southwest of India and Sri Lanka, is as beautiful underwater as it is on land.

While you’re concentrating on a school of three-striped damselfish, a clown triggerfish darts by, a stingray glides along the sandy seafloor. At the same time, a slender yellow trumpetfish vanishes into the nearby boulder coral. Snorkelling with a swarm of neon fish has to be one of life’s most enjoyable experiences.

Blue is the dominant colour whether it’s turquoise or aquamarine, cerulean or azure 1,190-island archipelago. Private island resorts are spread across 80 different islands, offering a variety of accommodations such as eco-conscious, family-friendly, or over-the-top luxurious, and are only accessible by seaplane. Vibes Group UK destination specialists understand the intricacies of the options available and understand how vital this holiday is to you. We’ll learn about your preferences and book the most desirable resort rooms for you, whether a water villa over a lagoon or a garden bungalow.

Travellers on a day trip to Maafushi island (or to the capital Malé) can get a sense of local Maldivian life by walking past colourful houses and shops. However, for the most part, they are preoccupied with simple pleasures such as sunbathing, swimming in shallow lagoons, and strolling on silken sands. Scuba diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding, and jet skiing are available for water sports. We recommend that you follow your activity session with some indulgence and relaxation at your resort’s spa.


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Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island: World Holiday Vibes Blog

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving: World Holiday Vibes Blog


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